Biolife Plasma Services / staff conduct

On 11/22/17 my girlfriend and I went to the biolife center in fond du lac, wi. We had been pretty regular to this center for awhile. I was sent to one section while my gf was sent to another section. Shortly after my line was hooked up and running the machine beeped and shut off. The staff memeber came over told me that is was due to too much fatty food. She tried it again and again it shut off. I was told I would only receive $20 ok no big deal. However my gf in a completely different section texts me telling me that 3-4 staff members are talking about me and laughing saying stuff like "oh well he's worthless" and "waste of needle on him". I actually looked over there to see them laughing and nodding my way. I went and spoke with what was supposed to be the manger. She said she would talk to them about it. Today 11/29/17 went back to the same center to donate. Everything went fine no problems at all. When we were done I checked my card. I was supposed to have $50. I only had $20. I asked the front desk worker by the name of stacy. She didnt know anything about it and all she could do was take my number and have someone call me. I received a call from kathy or cathy later that day. She did nothing to inform me about the money situation all she said was I was band from ever going to a biolife center again. When asked why she stated that the employees there said that I was very angry, I was even hostile, I was yelling, I even hit a desk??? I asked her numerous times to review the cameras at the center she simply said no. I feel that as a manger in charge of people it should be her upmost duty to reveiw each of the cameras and instead of punish me a guy that had a simple question as to why all the said money wasnt on his card, instead she should fire the 3-4 employees that basically laughed in my face, along with kara the first person I spoke with that made all these false statements that I was hostile and yelling and hitting the desk etc.

Nov 29, 2017

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