Biolife Plasma Servicesmanager and nurse on july 28

I came in yesterday to donate and was rudely told won't be seen by jamiacian nurse due to she already had physical to do and wasn't doing another one and two hours before I was called to see if wanted to change appointment to earlier cause they had free time I said couldn't and was told no problem that my original time was still good I was called a liar and said no one called me as the nurse who called stood right beside her I reschedule my appointment for next day and was rudely greeted by same nurse and told wait on manager spoke with manager who said I was deffered due to be disrespectful and that I need to be nice as she ignored anything I said about the issue she said wasn't around didn't see but I need change my attitude this fifth complaint and issue have had here their is alot of unprofessional behavior and being that I work at a family owned medical clinic the workers would have been fired

Jul 28, 2018

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