BioLife Nurse Diagnosis Blood Donors / nurses serving outside of their licensed scope, forces disclosure of confidential history

1 Loveland, CO, United States
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When checking in to donateI was experiencing anxiety, in just the first month I was often deferred from donating on multiple single-day visits.
When I asked to speak to a nurse because I had been wasting my time driving 25 minutes in to donate, I spoke with Janae in the Loveland, CO Biolife center.
As I was explaining my symptoms, she claimed that I mislead them in my initial screening and that the anxiety I reported was actually PTSD. She deferred me, but didn't even have the courage to tell me until I called them the next day because I wasn't able to schedule an appt.
I had to go back over to the center to obtain the forms to have my doctor sign, and all of the staff knew who I was and that I was going to argue because 1) the scope of a nurse is not to make a diagnosis, 2) I'm going to advocate for my own medical history, 3) I've been forced to disclose violence history to multiple people as this has risen up the chain of command, yet no one will actually do anything.
My PhD level therapist of more than two years who knows my diagnosis and sees me weekly, filled out the form; but of course it was not approved at the Loveland, CO center.
At this point, I'm awaiting a call back from their Corporate owner since no member of management has been willing to talk to me longer than a few minutes on the phone.

Oct 25, 2018

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