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Binder and Binder's advertisement says there is no fee until we win your case to collect Social Security.

That coulldnt be farther from the truth.

I HAD to stop them from continuing because I could afford them anymore.


Couldnt afford it.


I would receive letters and phone calls saying they needed a check for $30 here and $50 there because this is what the hospitals require...etc.

Their "free" service does not include photo copy fees, medical record fees and any other fee that it takes to work on your case.

I actually fell for this for the first 2 years.

I would get letters asking for money BEFORE they would continue.

I called and was told that the percentage they get if they win your Social Security does NOT include fees needed for the paperwork to get to that point.

YOU as the consumer have to pay for that.

After several hundred dollars I had to stop them from going any further. I was giving up groceries to go even this far.

It's a total rip off.


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      Dec 07, 2009

    I won a settlement with social security with Binder & Binder. Almost two years afterward social security contacted me and said I was overpaid by over $6, 000. I contacted Binder & Binder since they were the ones who represented me and asked for help. They said if I contact them within a year for overpayment they could represent me but they were not responsible or liable to help afetr a year. The problem here is that Social Security did not contact me for almost two years after I won my case. Binder and Binder abandoned me and now I have to find a way to pay Social Security over $6, 000 or I won't be able to collect Social Security after I retire. This means I have not only been left out in the cold by Binder and Binder but will also be by Social Security after I retire. It goes without saying my money has been gone for some time and I cannot pay this back.

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      Dec 30, 2009

    I wouldn't trust Mr. "We'll deal with the government... you have enough to worry about" to feed my dog! And what's with that idiotic hat he wears in a national TV advertisement? Hey there Bindy Baby!... if you read this just know that if I were you, I'd be embarrassed to ever show my geeky face in public again after airing that lulu! What a puttz! (Not to mention a complete scam ripoff - your day will come and then you can listen to your lawyers tell you "We'll deal with the warden - you have enough to worry about and if you drop the soap, I'd recommend you just leave it on the shower floor!)

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      Jan 25, 2010

    Contact S.S and make payment arrangements with them. They will take so much from your check each month til paid. I know this because it happened to my mother and they took a hundred dollars a month til it was all paid. Binder and Binder also represented my sister and they just forgot about her for a year. It took her 3 years to get her disability with them.

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      May 25, 2010

    Binder and Binder ignored my requests that I would obtain my medical reports from my doctors myself and save the outragous fees compared to requests from Binder and Binder directlyto my doctors. report my doctor would charge Binder $300. for but I got it directly for free. After a number of incidents of Binder ignoring my request about this I fired them as my SSD reps and decided to represent myself. They told me there would be no fees to me after they were dismissed. They then sent me a notice they would be requiring the same fees if I won my case myself as if they were still representing me. The ssa judge me they would be able to still collect. They are bandits. In the end they collected nothing and I will start fresh representing myself.

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      Sep 14, 2010

    Oh my goodness -- I wish I had read these reviews before I bothered with Binder and Binder. Going on one year now I have been assigned to four different caseworkers; each time I call in for status of my case I have to recite my SS number. My claim has been denied twice; received last notice directly from SSA yet have heard nothing from B&B. When I called to question this I was informed that my NEW caseworker was busy with other clients. Left two messages, have not received any follow up. Have 60 days to file an appeal, I better get busy and fire B&B before they try to charge me.

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      Jun 07, 2011

    Binder and Binder allowed me to ask a few questions at a time and them abruptly terminated the calls. I collected the documents that won my case. The agreed to a fee for a lesser amount, but have refused to refund the difference.

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      Sep 16, 2011

    OMG I just sent a request via email for B&B to contact me for my son case... then I read these complaints...OMG when they call me all im gonna say is " B&B you got the wrong #" lol

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      Jan 09, 2012

    I just found this and thank goodness I did before I hired these people! THEY AREN'T EVEN REAL LAWYERS! If you are considering hiring them please check this link out first:

    I just saw that the Senate is wanting Social Security to look at all of the cases that have been represented by Binder and Binder. Some people may even have to pay their won benefits back. If I were you, I would NOT trust these guys. Just look what they did to the guy on the website linked above.

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  • R
      Nov 01, 2015

    The company Binder & Binder took my case and started to work. Within 3 months they have taken from me huge amount of money. I asked them to tell me everything regarding my case, but they kept silence. Finally, they called me and stated that I have fooled them and I didn’t have any case. It was the worst and very stupid thing, which I have ever heard. I have problems and this company made the situation even worse than it was before.

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