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San Francisco, CA, United States
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Went to the cashier to pay all the items that I got. But one of them has no price tag. It was the last one and it was from their Christmas items so I was expecting it would be on sale. The manager named Carrie happened to be beside Ana w/c is the cashier who helped me w/ my stuff. Ana saw the item with no price tag and so she asked Carrie if she know what the price is. And she said that its a Christmas item but its back on a regular price then she told Ana to charge me $10 for a Christmas item which supposed to be on sale and then she told Ana to asked me if I still want the item and I said yes. So Carrie looked at some papers where the items in the store is listed but no luck. Ana is so nice to looked around the store to see if there is anything that is similar to that item and Ana is so patient to even looked it up in their system. Then Ana looked around again in the store and still no luck. But she came back with a new item to probably check the bar code so that maybe it would be a lot easier for her to find the item in their system. Then I heard Carrie told Ana "charge her $12 for it" then I was like, what?! Saw that the line is getting long, so I asked Ana how much is the item that she came back with? She said that it's $8. I got upset because it has the same size as the item that I wanted and Carrie wants to charge me $12 for a Christmas item that is suppose to be on sale? I just decide to get the item that Ana brought instead. And when Carrie heard that I will get the other item, she just walked away with a smirk on her face.

My complaints:

1. Why is she still employed in your company? She can't do her job right. She doesn't even have the patience to deal with that kind of situation.She should be ashamed of her self. If that is the kind of person you guys hire, you will not only lose customers.. You will lose a lot of your employees too. Please be wise.

2. How could she work with that kind of attitude in a retail environment? I understand that we all have problems. But please, do not bring it to work. If you don't feel like working or cannot handle the stress, take a break or might as well quit.

3. She can't treat anybody like that. Just because she's miserable, it doesn't mean people has to be too. Don't spread it. Please be professional.

4. $4 might not be too much for her, but it has a huge impact to other people. So, don't be abusive.

Feb 5, 2017

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