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My daughter in law and I went to Big Lots on the evening of 4th of July at 830, the store closes at 900pm. We wanted to purchase some cold water and use the restroom while we were there, when we got there a sign stated no public restrooms on the door, Big Lots has public restrooms in this store. We went in and immediatley heard over the speaker everyone "get your STUFF and get to the front, we are closing, you have 20 minutes to get up front" we knew of some things we wanted to look at, so we went to the back and was looking at some bedding, and someone was already in the restroom, here comes the assistant manager and started telling us to leave (others were waiting too) I asked her if she sells cold water we were wanting some and she said, i dont care what you want, we are closing!!! all she was concerned with was who was in the bathroom, how long they had been in there, and it was someone who went in just as we came up, another man asked her to speak to the manager, she shouted at him and was poking herself in the chest and screamed I AM THE MANAGER!!! my daughter and law and I had enough, I told her we would leave, but we would never be back." I have bought over a $1000 in merchandise at Big lots in the past little while, as I am planning a move. I told her i was going to report her, she said go ahead! I walked over to her and asked her what her name was she put her badge in my face and said it is RHONDA!!! she was the most rude person i have ever dealt with at Big lots, i will not go back, I was going to find a Big Lots when i Move but now, i will look somewhere else, Rhonda doesnt need to work in the public, and I do not appreciate being yelled at, she kept screaming I HAVE TO CLEAN THOSE BATHROOMS!!! but I bet that is part of her job. Big Lots needs to look at the quailty of "Managers" in their Rogersville Store and let Rhonda go home.

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      Jan 16, 2014

    Not to excuse her behavior but I was an Asst Manager at BigLots for about 8 months and she was probably working with almost no help (sometimes it would be me a cashier and one other person to close the entire store) but expected to get out on time and have everything perfect. I quit this job cause I didn't want to take the crap anymore and its the first time Ive ever done that in over 34 years of working. While there is no excuse for rudeness people in retail, especially managers are being pushed to the limit.

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