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I wish I had have seen this site before bidding on some jewelery. Being in Australia I thought I would give it a try as an option to ebay very very wrong! immediately when jewelery was won they sent an email asking for payment fair enough. Made payment, then the problems started security center sent me an email stating that my credit card had been marked as suspicious and my billing address did not match my credit card address.

RUBBISH of course it does. They want me to send a copy of my drivers license and a faxed copy of the credit card with the numbers covered??? Do you want the keys to my house I also inquire??? I ring the bank YES they have taken their money $1497.22 out but have the cheek to then tell me they have flagged my card as suspicious.

I point out would not it have been more honest to first make sure of these details before taking the money out if they were so concerned about fraud? No they took their money and then told me they were not sending the goods! YES that's right they were suspending the goods until I proved it was not suspicious to their satisfaction. I try their help line.

Yes, you guessed it they were no help at all suggesting that my credit card could not be validated to their international standards when I tell them I have never had any trouble with it before purchasing goods from America with it all goes silent and the lady from the live help line says one moment please and goes away for fifteen minutes and comes back with call back tomorrow I may have more information.

Send at least ten emails no one replies either from the security center or help center. Last resort ring my Bank open a dispute will take 90 days to resolve but I will resolve it and I will get my money back as my bank has assured me of this fact and will also help me get in touch with the authorities over there to have them investigated. BIDZ.COM should be flagged so others do not have to go through this and the INTERNET should pull them from their site until such investigations have taken place to everyones satisfaction.

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  • Bi
      19th of Nov, 2008
    -2 Votes

    Dear Mrs. Beardsworth,
    We would like to begin by apologizing for any inconvenience this may have caused. being the world’s largest jewelry auctioneer handles fraud on a daily basis. To prevent as much fraud as possible and to protect our customers we have taken additional measures that will help ensure their security. Mrs. Beardsworth, since you are an international customer you are asked to send in additional information, what we require is that all international customers fax or email us a copy of the credit card used for the payment, along with a copy a current driver's license or other government-issued ID, such as a passport. Moreover, in order to ensure more safety, we ask that you please block all but the last four digits of the credit card number, as we only need this information for identity verification. This is done so because there are privacy laws that do not allows us to contact any international banks as we are in the United States.

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions and or concerns.

    Thank you,

  • La
      12th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I don't understand the feeling that find in cheating on people. They sold items which don't worth even 5 times less than the price on bid and they raise a price they name orignal price. Dear brothers and sisters, NEVER think about visiting, they all robbers, all products, they are not good quality at all, and they will make you pay the "The Zoom" not the items themselves. The worst when paying for a product they send you another one cheaper than what you have bidded . They are making million everyday on innocent and naive people. Oh Lord, they cheat on everything, they asked me to pay USD 75.00 for shipping and when they product arrive FedEx ask me to pay USD 105.oo, when I verified the 11 products they sent for me I am not satisfied even in of them. I have impression the people from are laughs after the innocent and naive people who are bidding items from them. It is a time wasting when chatting to them about their fake products, shipping, and so on... Please brothers and sisters who are working hard to make money, NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. You will deceive and hurt. will pay what they are doing (By GOD).

  • Xc
      15th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Thing is, complaints here are valuable in informing people about the unscrupulous dealings of but best thing we can all do, is start making complaints to the relevant authorities and by flooding the directors of bidz email boxes.

    Complaints can be made to...

    The Los Angeles Police Department.
    The FBI, IC3.
    Federal Trade Commission.
    Better Business Bureau.
    Securities and Exchange Commission.
    US Department of Commerce.
    And anyone else you might think of. I have!

    Bidz directors email addresses are...

    CEO / David Zinberg.
    President / CTO / Leon Kuperman.
    CFO / Lawrence Kong.
    COO / Claudia Liu.
    CCO / Larry Russell.
    Vice President / Executive Secretary / Marina Zinberg.
    Auctions Manager / Vilius Zukauskas.
    Don't bother with customer services, there's a contradiction in terms. Go directly to the top people and flood their email boxes.

    Don't forget, when approaching the authorities, where you can, provide any evidence you have. Emails, photographs, copies of bidz web site pages, anything that might be relevant. Join me in a campaign to bring these fraudsters down, it is time we did.

    And I hope you all have a very merry Christmas.

  • Da
      11th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I also want to share my horrible experience with bidz. By reading others people comments I see that it is always the same method. I bidded for 2 faberge rings, won, paid but bidz did not shipped them. I exchanged several emails with them and they finally sent one ring, the cheaper one. I emailed again and was advised to send it back to them via FEDEX which I did. Two more weeks, no answer no money return. After several emails from my side they said they did not receive the item. Oh, yes, FEDEX delivered it the next day and someone from bidz signed for it. They are selling the ring again, probably sold it and it will appear again on their sites after they got they money from another naive idiot. It is now more than 2 months that I have not got any answer from bidz. Even the email address of the person Olga Smocinschi does not exist anymore... Does anybody with the similar experience can tell me how to get 2000usd back? How come that police never investigate bidz? Something really stinks there...from the head...

  • Ss
      26th of Nov, 2010
    -1 Votes

    What is wrong with you people? do you really think a company such big as would need your driver's license for anything else?? what would they do with them? give them to a policeman when driving drunk? this is a procedure that a lot of company have like which sells cheap items, but they need to do it also. Did you ever think about if somebody would still your card? for example i still a credit card and pay for my items on, i will get them, so what then? you will issue a dispute and get the money back but i still get what i paid for with your card!!! that is why a lot of company do that, they verify the billing address from an ID and the name and compare it with the one on the card! what else did you think they can do with it ? you made me laugh!!!An australian driver's license :))))) What on earth would they do with it???

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