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I have never before seen a picture of a person on the cover of the magazine, most likely because it is a magazine about homes and gardens! I was quite upset when my recent magazine had the ugly mug of Michelle Obama. I will be canceling my subscription immediately. It is not the place of a home and garden magazine to push any political agendas.


  •   Jul 28, 2011

    Agreed. Political agendas are everywhere these days.

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  • L
      Jul 28, 2011

    Is the cover actually pushing politics or is it actually showing you that Michelle Obama gardens too...I think the fact that she gardens and does things to decorate her home is very relevant...

    Maybe you just don't like the Obama's... and better yet, you posted this mess to get the reaction you are getting and going to get...

    This woman being on the cover of Home and Gardens is no reason to cancel a full subscription... of a magazine... that plasters many different photos on it... but you are gonna cancel supposedly because of politics...

    Politics my ##%^%$$ its because its Michelle Obama

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  •   Jul 28, 2011

    Maybe they put Michelle Obama on the cover to... sell magazines and make money. Because in the end, that's all that anything is really about.

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  • S
      Sep 19, 2011

    If it had been Laura Bush . . . . would it have bothered you? To cancel your subscription over a photo of the very beautiful and very intelligent Michelle Obama is just plain stupid! They probably put her on the cover because she has a vegetable garden at the White House and she is our first lady. If you don't like who they put on the cover . . . start your own magazine.

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