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Best Western Hotel / bad service/rude behaviour

1 Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

This is my 14th day staying at the Best Western on the Lougheed Highway, Maple Ridge BC.
Here is the usual scenario every fourth or fifth time I go to my room:
I park out front by the office, go in and pay for another night, drive to the back of the building, unload all my stuff, walk across the unclean parking lot (major dump of snow--no one in the lower mainland has ever heard of a snow blower before this), almost slip and fall several times while carrying all my stuff through the snow piles and ice patches, walk up the flight of stairs, hurry down the hallway before my arms give out, put my stuff down, dig out my wet wallet from my wet pants, put the card key in the door-----nothing.

Then I have to put my wet wallet back into my wet pants, pick up all my stuff, walk down the hallway, down the stairs, walk around the entire building with water pouring over me the entire way from the gutters, get to the front office, put all my stuff down, knock on the door (it's locked after 10pm), wait till someone finally comes and let me in, explain the problem, get told that it's likely the batteries in the door (yet no one ever goes and changes the batteries in the door), put my wet wallet into my wet pants again, pick up all my stuff again and haul it all back up a flight of stairs and down a long hallway.

Again, while I came here tonight, I pulled out front of the office. Another car approached me and stopped right in front of the office doors when it was clear I was half-way into pulling ahead and left so that I could back into a parking spot. The driver pulled ahead a foot, then a few inches, until I got impatient and flashed my lights. I saw a window roll down so I rolled down mine. Some woman says in a rather snotty voice "I'm TRYING to park there!"
Really? To bad for you, considering I was there first and already trying to back up. Besides, there were a complete row of 10 spaces unoccupied. So I said "So am I. I'm trying to back up but you won't let me."
She said nothing, then slowly pulled ahead at a snail's pace. I pulled ahead, put the car in reverse and backed into my spot. Then the woman pulls in right beside me, not giving me enough room to even open my door half-way. I'm 6'2", 220lbs, and I had to squeeze out my door so I wouldn't hit her car with my door.
I looked at her and in the same snotty tone she used with me, said: "Thank youuuuuu."
Then I go inside to pay for another night and get some tattood chick that obviously had no training whatsoever. Then the woman who demanded the spot where I was parking (remember, there were more than 10 other spots right there) came and walked behind the desk and started showing the girl what to do----obviously, an owner or senior manager.

Sure enough, I get the usual concealed contempt behind a phony smile, pay for the room, get in my car, drive to the back, unpack my stuff, walk up to my room---nothing.

So I walk all the way around to the front in the pouring rain, but this time I said that I was starting to get rather annoyed with the repetitiveness of these visits, especially when I was tired. All I got was a snotty "Sorry".

In all the days I have been staying here only once (yesterday---day 13) did they clean the toilet in my room. Not once did they refill the soap dispensers in the shower---which ran out half-way through my first shower there on the first day.

Another thing: I have been here 2 weeks. After the first five days I asked if there was some sort of a discount, as I had no idea how long I would have to stay (Am paying $110 per night). I was told no...if you want a discount you have to tell them in advance that you will have an extended stay.
Well, you know what? This is not a perfect world. Stuff happens, and one would expect people in the hotel business to recognize this.
So, long story short, I got a discount down to $78 AFTER the first week. The first week was full rate.

This is a load of bull. I am not rich. I have been unemployed since mid-November and it is now January 1oth/09. Circumstances are that I have to stay here, but why should I be fleeced for it?

I stayed here for a week back in April of 2008 as well. None of the problems above, but one morning I went and asked for another day, and was told "NO".
Huh? Why?
The reason was that they had "reservations". So basically I was kicked out when I still needed a room. I went and found another hotel.

When I leave Sunday morning, that's it. I will never, ever, ever stay in a Best Western anywhere as long as I live. I'd rather sleep in my car or in a tent before I give my hard earned cash to these nitwits.

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