Best Buy / misleading information

Irving, TX, United States

Bought three cell phones at Best Buy and included Geek Squad insurance for each phone. Was never told there was a 150.00 deductible although I was told I did sign an acknowledgement. Don't remember that at all. My daughter also bought a phone at the same time and she does not remember anyone saying anything about the deductible.
Found this out when I took one of the phones in to have a cracked screen fixed. I would need to pay 150.00 to repair the screen when I can have Samsung replace it for 162.00. I am paying 10.61 a month for insurance that will only save me about 15.00 on the repair. I have another daughter who bought a phone at a different Best Buy who evidently was told about the deductible but was also told if she brought it back to the store they would wave the deductible. Of course they didn't. Does something seem to be wrong with this picture?

Aug 29, 2014

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