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Best Buy / terrible experience with and in-store pickup service

1 CA, United States

Warning - Terrible experience with In-Store Pick-Up and

I had an absolutely terrible experience with Best Buy In-Store Pick-Up today. I have shopped at Best Buy for over a decade and spent thousands of dollars and my experience today was so negative I may never shop at Best Buy again.

So basically I needed a camera for a shoot that was scheduled for TOMORROW. I also had 2 gift cards for Best Buy to use so i figured I would search to see where the camera I needed was available.

When the item showed up at a nearby store, it said it was IN STOCK Order today, pick up on 05/21/2011 (TODAY). I then called the store to see if they could put it on hold for me but nobody picked up after being on hold for 15 minutes so I decided the prudent thing to do would be to pay first and then pick up the product since clearly the product was in stock and Best Buy made it very clear that if i order today I can pick it up today.

So to make a long story short, I put in my payment and my 2 gift cards and never got a email that I could pick up the product. I decided to just go to the store and they said they had the camera in stock but they could not give it to me because my order was "on hold."

I then asked if I could simply cancel my first order and pay and they said they could but they could not promise any sort of timely reimbursement of my gift cards so I could then NOT USE my gift cards.

I then spent 30 minutes on the phone with Elaine in customer service and she basically told me she has no idea why my order is on hold and I can't pick up the camera. Let's keep in mind, the camera is there IN STOCK, when I placed the order IT WENT THROUGH, and I had ALREADY BEEN CHARGED.

I asked why she could not simply call the entity that had the order on hold and she could not as she had no authorization to do so.

So to make a long story short, I trusted Best Buy's online claim of "ORDER TODAY, PICK UP TODAY" but got totally screwed.

I now have to reschedule my shoot and have to disappoint a client.

The moral of the story is

1) Best Buy needs to do a better job warning customers if they purchase something online for pick-up they may NOT be able to pick up the item the day they say you will be able to EVEN IF THE ITEM IS IN STOCK

1) Best Buy needs to empower their customer service reps to do more to rectify quagmires like this. Clearly Elaine was not able to do ANYTHING about the order being on hold and had no idea why exactly the order was on hold either.

3) I suggest Best Buy place a WARNING when you are about to check out to purchase an item for in-store pick-up to the extent of

NOTE: Your item may not be ready for pick-up today even if it is estimated it will be OR by any guaranteed date. IF YOU NEED THE ITEM TODAY IT IS BEST TO GO TO THE STORE AND PURCHASE IT THERE as orders made online may be subject to being put on hold and the item will not be released to you until the order is processed.

Well that's where we are now. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Who knows how long the order "hold" will last.

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