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Best Buy / scam and cheating

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Best Buy advertise a ACER Laptop for 399.00 have to go to store and buy it. My wife went to the Northcrest Store in Fort Wayne, IN and called me and stated that they did not have any of the laptops left, but had some time in stock they optimized. I asked to talk with the saleman and he told me the same thing. I said I did not ask you to optimize the computer and wanted it at the advertised price. I said take your optimize stuff off.

He said he would sell it for 399.00.

Here is the point, I was glad my wife called but to the other shoppers, their intimidation would lead you to believe you have to buy this optimize unit or get nothing else is. This is wrong and misleading. What they do and intended to do is not sell the laptop at 399.00 But make you believe they are gone but all of sudden they have the special ones.

Figure this out if all the stores do this they could make upwards of $30, 000 selling this optimize stuff.

Well what did they optimize, NOTHING, they made a set of restore CD's and that s all.

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  • Va
      29th of May, 2008
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    I understand that this is not an issue of material or service received (or not received) but I feel this is still a rip off none the less. I have shopped at Best Buy for years. When I got an MECP certification I applied multiple times to various Best Buy locations using the 'preferred' online application for a job in their mobile install bay. I finally got a call from a vary nice young lady who informed me of an appointment for my first interview. At my first interview the interviewer stepped in with the senior installer and began the interview process with the usual, is this your name, address, phone, etc... and invited me back for a second interview.

    At my second interview, the same girl from the first one was there along with the services manager and we basically went over the same stuff from last time but this time the girl had left my application in her car and it was pouring rain so the services manager did not make her retrieve it. I was told I would need my own tools (which I expected) and to take the pre-employment drug screen (which I also expected). After reviewing the test results I would get hours and my pay rate, and THEN I would talk with the GM, who would make me a job offer (it confused me too). The following weekend my dad helped prepare me for what I thought would turn into a career by purchasing $400+ in tools.

    Long story short, I was repeatedly lied to by the services manager who told me multiple times throughout the next month and a half that they had not received the drug test results, when in fact they had. I spoke with a supervisor at the lab and not only had the test result pushed through the day after I took the test over a month ago, they pushed through a second time at my request.

    It turns out, not only had they lost the physical application with which they originally interviewed me, apparently I am the only prospective employee who made it almost all the way through the application process without ever having been in their system. That's right.

    They cross checked my SSN and came up with no file under 'Employees', 'Deleted Employees', or 'Terminated Employees'. Then they have the nerve to tell me to fill out ANOTHER online application so we can start all over and that they would 'look for [my] application and flag it for immediate review.'

    Isn't there a law or something stating that employers are required to keep a physical copy of an application for some amount of time? All-in-all I am so fed up with jumping through hoops and calling labs doing THEIR job just to get hired. Please do not apply or purchase from Best Buy. Their overall service is by far sub-par to anything I have ever experienced either from a customer or an applicant standpoint.

    I hope not all Best Buy stores are like this, but be assured I will not be dealing with any of them any time soon.

  • Va
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    From my experience the Best Buy in San Marcos does not stand behind the products it sells and is extremely poor in customer service and expertise. My daughter is a student at TSU and bought a new laptop last fall after her other laptop crashed. She uses it every day for school. When her new laptop began to act unstable in April she took it to the store. A non-qualified (not a Geek Squad employee) salesperson said he could help and without authorization he 'worked' on her computer which preceded to crash... probably as a direct result of his 'work.' (He even told her he knew where she lived and that she should buy him a beer to pay him back. That made her very uncomfortable.) What followed has been two months of the store trying to fix her computer, even sending it off two times to the big Geek Squad in the sky. The store not only failed to communicate what actions were being taken, but were accusatory, intimidating and hostile. Nothing has worked in trying to repair her laptop and the store has said there is nothing more they will do and has refused to simply replace this 'lemon, ' accept any responsibility or take seriously the customer service/ethical lapses in employee conduct. I am in another city and have had to hear about her treatment at the hands of the employees and management. She is a little girl and has been treated rudely and disrespectfully which has demoralized and frustrated her. Dads, do you want your child treated like this when they are off at school? Even Best Buy corporate customer service, to this point, has been non-responsive and obfuscatory. The store is either inept or insensitive, neither of which makes for a trustworthy business. I suggest you shop elsewhere. I will. Apparently, this is not the first complaint the BBB has received.

  • Va
      29th of Sep, 2008
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    We bought a tv 2yrs ago w/ a 4 yr warranty. It needs fixed. Of course we talk to a different person every time. One person tells us the parts are in and another person tells us there not in. They have made appt. to fix it but no shows up or calls. It has been over a month.and now they are telling me its going to be almost 2 more wks. before they can be here to fix it. No one seem to know whats going on. We also have a cable bill to pay and cannot use.we need some help.

  • Va
      21st of Oct, 2008
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    I purchased a small ticket item, a USB cable that was repackaged and tagged as inspection approved. Not thinking much about it, I went to use the cable about 45 days later, only to find it does not work. I went back to the customer service counter to be told there is nothing they can do about it as my purchase is over 30 day. I can get a little personal but the little blond with the big ego didn't make me any happier. She would not offer anything, period.

    So buyer beware when shopping at Best Buys. My $12 purchase opened my eyes.

  • Ra
      29th of Oct, 2008
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    Hmm let's see here. You're SHOCKED that your previously owned $12 cable didn't work as well after a month and a half, and then you're SHOCKED to find that you can't get a refund for a product that is well outside of the return policy?

    Uh, yeah - are you new to society?

  • Mr
      1st of Nov, 2008
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    I also had a problem with bestbuy. last February 2008 I bought a new Tv at bestbuy in Mississauga Ontario. The salesman brought the TV from the stockroom and informed me that"he would have to take it to the cahier" I thought that this was a little unusual but I followed him to the cashier were I payed for the unit and took it home. Once at home I noticed a piece of heavy duty tape on the side of the box when I opened the box I didn't notice anything unusual until I plugged it the TV after 10 minutes I could smell something burning from the back of the set I unplugged it and took a closer look
    what I saw shocked me at first the TV was burning NOT from the set itself but from styro foam inside the set. It turned out that the rear plastic had been pushed into the electronics and the foam was from the packaging. It looked like someone had taken the forks from a lift truck at the warehouse and
    punctured the box pushing the cardboard the styrofoam and the plastic into the TV and it was this foam that was burning, no other force could have done this! The box itself is made of very sturdy cardboard with syrofoam and the plastic on the TV IS ALSO VERY STURDY. In the store when I returned a manager named ANGEL claimed that they would never sell anything in that condition
    and that I did it myself and to leave the store or the POLICE would be called I was sorounded by half a dozen staff, some who tried to take my walking-cane from me and my C.N.I.B. cane. Luckely I also had a
    knife in my pocket (I'm disabled and always carry one just in case NOTE: someone else would have to
    physically attack me first before I would use it!). I was left alone at that point and left the store after
    about 5 minutes after I got out of the store I was stopped by police out in the street I explained what had happened showed them my proof and they were both satisfied that what I told them was the truth and did not pursue it any further. I still have a TV that I paid $300 for that does not work and
    that I'm not happy with BUT stuck with. I will bad mouth this company forever. My advise

  • Sm
      31st of Jan, 2009
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    I recently purchased TaxCut Premium Federal + State + e-file through BestBuy online. I had seen a copy of the product in the store advertising 5 free e-files, but had not purchased it there. I had also compared TaxCuts website to see the various versions they offered and all included 5 free e-files.

    When i went to purchase the product online through BestBuys website there was a picture of the product that had the 5 free e-file logo on it, but apparently the product description mentioned only 1 free e-file and that is what i got. BestBuy now refuses to refund or provide me with an up-to-date version of the product, and as of today the misleading image is still on their website.

    They also did not post my review of the product warning others that this may not be the version they are trying to get and to look closely at the product description.

  • Ra
      4th of Feb, 2009
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  • Jo
      16th of Mar, 2009
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    In trying to purchase a radio online, site refused to take my rewardzone certificate. After 60 minutes of being given the run around by customer service on the phone, I was told the certificate could only be used toward half the cost of the item.

    This is unbelievable and a clear con. The certificate clearly states they should take the full cert value toward the cost of the radio. I suspect they are deliberately trying to stop customers redeeming coupons by lying and or finding other ways to make redemption difficult.

    Best Buy is completely immoral and I recommend you find another retailer. Come back Circuit City!

  • Ki
      18th of Jul, 2009
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    Spent over $550 on Itouch plus Best Buy extended 3 yr warranty. Within two months of purchase Itouch began losing its charge. Tested other peoples charges. Still a problem. After 7 months, brought to Best Buy with warranty. They said they sent it in with Geek Squad. Called me to tell me that there was liquid damage, therefore could not be fixed and further they were cancelling my purchased warranty!! I went in, argued that the Itouch HAD NEVER ever left the shelf where my Ihome was, no liquid ever came near the product. They refused to listen. I went to Apple Store. They sent it in and came back to see it was a faulty battery and they exchanged the entire Itouch with no hassle. I have contacted Geek Squad, Best Buy and no one has responded and I am still out the warranty money!

  • Mb
      8th of Jul, 2011
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