Best Buy 2-year Extended Warrenty / hassel redeeming

In November 2007 my son's Playstation 2 wireless controller became unusable (a button began sticking). Since the malfunction was within the 2-year extended warranty, I referred to the Best Buy extended warranty brochure to see how I should proceed with replacing the product.

The brochure stated that *before* I brought the defective product to the store I should get a return confirmation code by either calling an 800 number or filling out an online form. I opted for the latter and went online to fill out the form. After completing the form, I was surprised when the website informed me that I should be receiving the confirmation code "within 5 to 7 working days" via snail mail. What?! My plan was to exchange the defective controller the same day, not a week from now! I printed the receipt from the online form and proceeded immediately to my nearest Best Buy store.

At the Best Buy store I presented the broken controller, the store extended warranty, and the receipt from the online form. To my surprise, the Best Buy customer service rep told me that because I filled out the online form, I had no choice but to wait the 5-7 working days before exchanging the broken controller for a new one. I was then asked why I didn't simply bring the defective product to the store in the first place, in which case they would have been happy to replace it immediately. What?! I pointed out that the extended warranty brochure clearly stated that I was obliged to obtain the return code BEFORE bringing the product into the store. No, I was told, I *should* have just brought the controller to the store, or made the phone call, but not fill out the online form because the online form takes several days to process. Again the Best Buy customer service rep said they could not replace the product that day because I had already filled out the online form.

Needless to say, I was angry. I pointed out that nowhere on the extended warranty brochure did it state that if I opted to fill out the online form I was adding at least a week to the replacement process. Since when, I asked, does someone go online to take care of business with the expectation that it would take *longer* than alternative methods? I was composed, but firm. To make a long story short, I resolved not to leave the store without the replacement product in my hands (my son was counting on me). I worked my way up through the management until I finally got a manager who--grudgingly--agreed to replace the product then and there. It took over a half hour to get satisfaction and seemed to leave everyone with hard feelings. What the heck.

By the way, ALWAYS purchase the extended warranty when purchasing a Playstation game controller. I've never seen one last beyond 2 years without one or more buttons sticking.

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