Bershkae-gift card not activating

I purchased an e-gift card on 31st October 2017 for a friend.

She received the gift card, tried to make a purchase but was told the card was not activated. She contacted Bershka and was told the problem would be sorted. However it wasn't.
I then email and explained the problem, again I was told the issue would be sorted out and the card should be activated, again when Leah tried to use the card it still didn't work.

Around the 23rd December I contacted Bershka and said to the operator that I wanted my £40 refunded to me. She said she would email head office to explain this, I also emailed to explain this. I saw my friend over Christmas and gave her £40, thinking that I would be refunded the money as I had been asked.

I then received an email on the 27th Dec to say Leah has received the gift card and it was working.

I have spent a lot of time trying to sort this out, and I am now £40 out of pocket. I would like my £40 refunded to my account ASAP like I asked when I spoke to an operator on the 23rd December. It is Bershka's error that they activated the card when I specifically said to refund me.

Jan 21, 2018

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