Beko Side By Side Fridge Freezer Ab910w / freezer defrosting and fridge freezing

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I am totally disgusted that my appliance has only lasted 2 years. First of all the freezer started to defrost my food from the top downwards, so an engineer replaced the fan and seems ok now. However my fridge is now freezing everything from the bottom upwards even though I have it set on the warmest temp that I can. My engineer is dumbstruck to what the problem can be and tried everything. I have noticed that the noise isn't the same as it used to be and every so ofthen you hear a bubbling noise, Surely fridge/freezers are meant to last longer than 2 years especially when it cost £600. I am a bit worried as when you look at the reviews of this appliance a lot of customers are experiencing the same problem and a lot worse. I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall, My appliance is now out of warranty so Currys where I purchased this from say I need to get an independent engineer to write a report saying that it is due to mechanical fault. To be honest I cannot afford to throw anymore money at this and think that they should send someone out free of charge to investigate, Especially knowing there is a 6 year rule on electrical applinances that were bought from a retailer that came into effect in 1979 to protect us!

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