Beko Fridge/freezerBad Customer Service

My Daughter purchased an Beko American Fridge/Freezer in April 2014. This morning we noticed a warning light and on opening the freezer we found all the food was partially defrosted. We undertook instructions from the manual that came with the fridgefreezer but there was no improvement. After trying for 2 hours we called Beko who advised someone would call back within 24 hours. A couple of hours later Beko rang and said that they would send out an engineer, but that the engineer could not come until next Wednesday - a full week from today. My daughter said to them that she had no other freezer but the lady advised that this was the policy they had with Littlewoods and that she should contact them directly. My daughter rang Littlewoods and after being kept on hold for 52 minutes the lady answering the call, put her on hold again, spoke to the Aftercare department, and then confirmed to my Daughter that this was Littlewoods policy. My Daughter stated that she had never seen this on the Littlewood's website, against the product description or on any of the documents received. She was given the direct number for the Aftercare department and asked to call them to raise her concerns. She range the Aftercare department but on explaining that she had been told that it was Littlewood's policy, the man put her on hold, and then came back to say that it was not actually policy but that Littlewoods believe 7 days is a "reasonable" amount of time to wait for an engineer. My daughter explained that by this time all the food in the freezer had defrosted and was upset. Littlewoods stuck by their thinking that 7 days is a fair wait for an engineer. My daughter bought this for £699.00, paying an additional £99 for additional insurance, but this has made no difference. We have now raised this on Facebook and Twitter. Littlewoods staff lack experience in dealing with peoples' complaints and by being patronising they irritate more than they help - why doesn't Littlewoods invest some time in training their staff properly also how can Littlewoods believe that it is fair to wait 7 days for an engineer to attend - this is no like a washing machine as at least with a washing machine you can take your dirty linen to the launderette - but there is no help with a freezer! Please beware when purchasing from Littlewoods that they do not make the conditions attached to purchase of such items clear.

Jan 07, 2015

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