Beauty Impressions / 2 products sent: ahl stunningski and beauty vita

Englewood, CO, United States
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I did not see anything on the web site to indicate to me that more products would be coming. The first products which I have not opened were promoted by ellen degeneres and I ordered them in a weak moment. I don't usually order anything on line ever. Boy what a ripoff! Date was 4/16/2017. Original pricing was $3.95 and $5.95 respectively. If the company wants them back, i'll gladly send it back. The other more expensive items (2) will go back today, 6/15/2017. I did not open them, but kept long enough for my bank to get addresses. This company needs to be more upfront about what more will come and deadlines need to be concise and large enough to see. Thank you

  • Updated by Carrol J Pines, Jun 15, 2017

    I would really like for BBB to have their feedback on every page that advertises anything that is supposed to make our lives easier or more beautiful, etc., before we fall for the "scam" and pay out hard earned money and miss the hidden cancel dates. The BBB is probably the most influential organization that will determine if you buy anything on the internet or not. BBB keep up the good job, it's well appreciated.

Jun 15, 2017

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