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My ibogaine experience at Transitions Advanced Ibogaine Therapy was terrible.

I talked to some of the original people in the community, namely Eric Taub who advised me not to go to Transitions. I didn't listen and was sold on what Beau Mason tells clients. Huge mistake on my part. Beau Mason is a scam artist and a fraud.

His Drs. don't speak good English at al and they have no idea what they are doing . Especially not for complicated cases. He claims he uses pharmaceutical ibogaine but that turns out to be a lie. He advertises that 2 drs are present during the treatment but that is a lie as wel. He will just take your money and leave you in withdrawal at the airport. Do not do business with this man or his clinic as he will rip you off. Several of the patients that were there with me felt the same way.

Beau Mason claims to be the director of Transitions, but he is not even at the center, when i asked for him they told me he is not in town. I was there for a week and didnt see him once. He is sleazy scumball and he riped me off. All I can do is offer good advice for those who are in need go honest reliable treatment. Do not go to Transitions Advanced Ibogaine Therapy in Rosarito Mexico. Call Eric Taub and he will point you in the right direction.

Beau Mason

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  • Le
      11th of Apr, 2012

    Whatever you do, don't use Eric Taube as a source of advice or compassion. Similar accurance has happened with him and his facility as well which is why it is in continuous relocation. You will be completely abandoned in a third world without even being looked back on . Eric Taube is never at his facilities, the dr are only present duirng the flood and then you are left with a very unstable man his right arm so to speak and hopefully no left for dead like others have been. The boosters are may not be given as the supply may run short and the whole thing a waiste because you are back in withdrawl 4 days later and in a mess all over again not to mention the partying at the house while you try to sober up. The name you mentioned above being ridiculous, , well Eric taube is not even that persons real name it is richard ogulnick. Makes you wonder huh? That who you'll send a wire to as he swiftly collects your money and never looks back. Not even when your in a hospital in the country he recommend you go to for his so called rehab with absolutely no plan as hes churning in desperate patients each day and pushes others out /or in faster than they complete the so called therapy as he has no where to house them. Maybe at his new center he will have room for all he enrolls and leaves in the care of Lex and they will actually have the boosters on hand .

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  • Ca
      29th of Apr, 2012

    I had a terrible experience at transitions. I later found out that that this was an underground facility, and that NO ONE even had any medical background! They took advantage of me while I was my weakest. They capitalized on how desperate I was. I left that place exactly the same, and the reason for that is because they don't use pure ibogaine. They have no knowledge of pure ibogane. They use black market ibogaine.

    I wish I would have done my homework before I went here. Don't make the same mistake I did!

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  • Be
      5th of May, 2012

    Beau Mason is a horrible human and the worst ibogaine provider. He lies and cheats and will stop at nothing to get your money. Don't be fooled by his smooth talk and sales ability. His staff is just like him and will steal your stuff. I was at Transitions Rosarito in February and his staff stole my iPad!!! I learned later that his nurse facility supervisor, Isaac Pulido is a known thief who was fired from his two last jobs for stealing supplies. He used to work at the General Hospital in Rosarito and at Hospital Bonova in Rosarito. Ask Beau about Isaac's background before sending him your money!!! If you go to Transitions lock up your crap or it will be stolen as well. Beau Mason is only a SEO and marketing guy who does nothing but rake in clients. HE IS NOT THE DIRECTOR OF TRANSITIONS. How is a Director of a company live in Tennessee and run a program in Mexico??. If you look at all the complaints about Ibogaine Centers they all come from Nashville Tennessee Where Beau Mason Lives. Is That Odd or coincidence? You be the judge...

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  • Ra
      5th of May, 2012

    Beau Mason is a fraud- scam artist and con-man! He claims Transitions is a licensed ibogaine treatment center, NO WAY! that is the biggest lie! He claims he has pure ibogaine NO WAY!!! BIG LIE, he claims he is the director, HELL NO, BIG LIE!, he claims he has been providing ibogaine for 8 + years, WHAT A JOKE, BIG LIE! He was a junky 2.5 years ago and Ibogaine Clinic in Cancun Mexico helped him get off dope in 2009. how can a dope fiend claim to be offering Ibogaine for 8 years when he was doped up 3 years ago?!?! If you need more proof call Ibogaine Clinic and find out how this junky stole their website and ideas plus has 4 law suits pending and the Federal Police is going to crack down on him for leaving helpless clients at the airport in full opiate withdrawal! He should be put behind bars!
    People in the Ibogaine community should put in end to this insanity.

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  • Co
      6th of Jun, 2012

    I was researching ibogaine providers for my son and was very disappointed in Beau Mason unethical behavior. He says horrible lies about every other person working in this field. As I searcher deeper I found out the truth about his scheme, it turns out that in February 2012 one person died at his facility and another was hospitalized with a life threatening heart condition. He paid off the family and the authorities to keep this information hidden from the public. Do your research before sending your loved ones to this habitual drug user. He will lie and cheat to get your money.

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  • Pu
      3rd of Aug, 2012

    BEWARE OF BEAU MASON AND TRANSITIONS!!! I was treated at Transitions Ibogaine Treatment center in Rosarito Beach Mexico few weeks ago. I will never forget the horror! By the way the so-called director Beau Mason is a crooked conman and was never to be found at the center.
    I spoke with Beau Mason for weeks before I pulled the trigger and he assured me he was licensed and full prepared to handle anything. He spoke poorly about all the centers out there and claimed to be the best choice for Ibogaine.
    I had so many complaints and no one who really spoke English I can address my complaints to. Like the food, on the website they claim 100% organic and nothing was organic, they claim to have experienced ibogaine staff. What a joke. No medical personnel on site. One of the girls that was there with my almost died, because their lack of medical expertise and inability to speak English. She complained to have breathing problems and it seemed like they didn’t understand what see was saying. I spoke with her and tried to calm her and she looked at me and said “I just want to go home”
    I made a huge mistake and believed his lies. I was given 5 Xanax bars per day the whole week and was subdued to a vegetated state so I didn’t complain. I got home after 1 day and my withdrawals came back full blown, so I called Beau Mason to ask him for help, he quoted me $7500 to come back and then hung up on me when I said I don’t have anymore money.
    I have talked to dozens of people, and Beau Mason has taken their money and they all had the same experience. I also witnessed a girl being touched by one of the staff when she was passed out on the couch on benzos. The weirdo is Isaac the house manager. He’s a little too nice touchy feely with the girls and a total ### to the guys. His 4 cousins works there and so does his wife. This needs to be heard and all who are thinking about treatment should research this ### before they give a penny to him.
    I recently saw all these amazing reviews about Beau Mason and Transitions Ibogaine treatment. I was puzzled, but after I read all the locations they are coming from I soon realized India is where seo computer out sourcing goes.
    So now, he is getting all these complaints, in-return he is hiring a bunch of Indians to post good remarks about his site. Don’t believe
    I wish I didn’t believe his snake salesman lies and should have noticed something was wrong when he was never to be found. He took my money and had a bunch of nobodies

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  • An
      25th of Apr, 2013

    FACT...Eric Taub, Beau Mason, Lex Kogan, Jeff Isreal and David Dardashti are criminals. If the ran their scam clinic business in America instead of underground in third world countries, they would all be serving long prison sentences. Even if ibogaine was legal in the 50 states, they would be indicted as conman.

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  • An
      30th of Nov, 2014

    Please do not suggest Eric or Lex Kogan. Lex is simply a testosterone pumped shady drug dealer who claims to be an Ibogaine provider. They are great phone salesmen, especially to desperate people. While I was there another girl was caught with drugs, guess what Lex did? Called her mom and got the poor mother to pay more money in order for her child to get the medicine that was for the girl her last hope after trying many other methods. I have no idea how he gets people to do interviews that praise the place. Perhaps they are on a booster? I could've been happy shoveling you know what on the boosters he gave me. So please avoid these guys, I felt unsafe, no waiver signed similar to the OP's clinic. The doctor did not speak English, the nurses were all nurses in training. Lex was there less then the time I spent talking with him on our first phone call, he was the only one who has actually taken a full flood, no one on the staff really knew what to do. Motley crew if I ever saw one. The thing is he knows once he gets you down there and has your cash/wire transfer he stops communicating and starts convincing his next desperate person to drop $6500 and everything will be awesome blah blah blah. Please find a different provider, the medicine he gave me was good but I left with much anger towards Eric and Lex. Everyone who received treatment had completely different experiences, but we all felt this almost child-like anger during our trips, and we were angry at Lex, literally the only commonality that was evident was this loathing of Lex at some point during the experience.

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  • Na
      18th of May, 2015

    Lex Kogan is the only person people should be calling for treatment other comments on here are lles from total haters! I have been treated by Lex twice and once very recently. His doctor spoke English and the nurses were real nurses and there were other staff members there. They are Americans and have taken full floods. Yes Lex was never at the house but Shea Prueger was and she treated me and took care of me. Two other western staff members were there who knew tons about ibogaine. I felt too safe . Lol! Shea was in my room all the time for ekgs and vitals it was borderline annoying but i knew i was safe. this was the same in 2012 and i was referred by my friend who went to lex in mexico. Ibogaine Rules!!!

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  • Jk
      5th of Sep, 2016

    please read this before believing anything iabout operations run by this con artist lex, based on reviews he writes himself, which i witnessed.. was treated by lex kogan twice and the experiences left me with ptsd for months afterwards.
    research before believing anything on bias websites like this. addicts are preyed upon by people like lex. he is the worst type of criminal. a con man toying with crap that can kill people, in run down crap houses in costarica with no real medical staff. and this is all with people trying to fix their lives…. only pedofiles register worse in my opinion than him in the slimmey ### of criminal behaviour.

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