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11:50 am EST
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Barron Emergency Physicians emergency room services / improper billing

On January 18, 2018 I was driven to Southern Ocean County Medical Center as I was extremely dizzy and couldn't walk. In February I received a bills from Barron Emergency Physicians for $1833.00. It was not adjusted to the contract rate per Independence Blue Cross. They coded their invoice as if I went to their private office and there for it was considered out of network and denied by insurance. Independence Blue Cross said it should be coded properly as an emergency room visit and resubmitted. I called Barron and requested that they do that. Several months later, I received a credit alert that I was in collection on this charge with AR Resources. I have spoken with Tiffany Williamson of AR Resources countless times. She says she will have the office correct the coding and resubmit to the insurance. While they have resubmitted their invoices, they do not fix the coding to reflect an emergency room visit. I have paid the allowable contract amount per Independence Blue Cross of $196.23 to AR Resources on 11/07/2019 with confirmation number 91213. This collection issue is now jeopardizing my job as a contractor on a federal base. I believe that Barron's practice of miscoding their invoices is a fraudulent method of bypassing insurance contracts and taking advantage of their clients. I will never return to Southern Ocean County Medical Center as long as Barron is their emergency room service. I expect the collection efforts to be removed from my credit report immediately. I am also turning this over to my attorney.

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2:18 pm EST

Barron Emergency Physicians er physician billing

My son went to the ER on 6/20/19. He was treated by North Rainbow Emergency Physicians and released. Cigna covered the bill. 5 months later I received a notice from Barron Emergency Physicians saying Cigna has not paid their bill. This is fraudulent and they have provided no proof that they treated my son, no bills, no EOBs. It appears, based on other complaints, that this is their MO. They don't even provide a web site or address on their correspondence.

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4:11 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Barron Emergency Physicians fraudulent charges

I went to jersey shore hospital after being involved in a motor vehicle accident at 28 weeks pregnant. My OB called ahead and say I could go directly to labor and Delivery. Please note: I have car insurance AND full health insurance too which was given MULTIPLE times at the front desk. I was not allowed to leave the ER without being "seen" by this doctor group yet they didn't ABSOLUTELY nothing. I sat on a bed for hours while my unborn child was potentially DYING inside me. An ER physician has no jurisdiction to treat a pregnant woman who needs an ultrasound. I then received a bill for roughly $1600 for the doctor to say "does anything hurt, ok you can go to l&d" and got wheeled up there. It's fraudulent. I then was accused of not having insurance and sent to COLLECTIONS. Not only did I give my car insurance info again. I also gave my health insurance info for a total of SEVEN times to so many different people. No one is organized or
communicates. After my insurance paid the claim, I STILL received calls from debt collectors about it! It's all a scam and they should be ashamed of themselves.

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8:18 am EDT

Barron Emergency Physicians missed diagnosis


On August 31, 2017 I went to the emergency room at Jersey Shore Medical after a surfing accident. Dr. Marra was the doctor who saw me (as per my bill). The Doctor stitched a blunt wound to the forehead. 10 weeks later, I was diagnosed with a major concussion. This missed diagnosis at the time of being in the hospital, could have been catastrophic. I until this date has symptoms (language and visual-perceptual). It was not tested and info was not provided. It was the people in my life that stated I was not the same- that I looked like I was going to pass out, that I was slurring, that I was messing up words. When I returned to get my stitches out, 5 days later, I queried and stated that I was delayed in responding, hazy, language was disrupted. I was told by the Dr. that I could have a CAT scan if It would make me feel more comfortable. I am not sure how anyone would respond to that. My Neurologist has my MRIs if you would be interested in seeing what actually was missed.

My Account Number is MAN13014156601. To me, this is pretty significant, and I hope it does not happen to others. There are protocols for a reason. And they should be used.


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