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BE WISER don't take out vehicle insurance with Be Wiser Insurance. July 2010 took out car insurance which was straight forward and a good price. As I was thinking of changing my vehicle I asked if there would be an admin charge to change insurance and was told no, also asked if I could transfer my no claims bonus from a car to a van and was told yes. When I got a quote from them for the new vehicle the price was ok and I transferred over the policy. The reason the price was so good was when the policy arrived they had insured me for a completely different vehicle even though I had given them the full details and there were alot of other errors in the policy. There was an admin charge for changing and I couldn't transfer my no claims to the company they had quoted.

After several phone calls and raising a formal written complaint I was told there was a "training issue" and also the DVLA database had the incorrect details for my vehicle which I find hard to believe. They refunded part of my money but I had to chase them again for the remaining monies owing to me.


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