BDO Unibank / inefficient customer rep named ria (dastas) in today’s call

Metro Manila, Philippines
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I called BDO customer rep regarding problems in using my AMEX card. But the rep I got is clueless, undertrained, gave me numerous faulty information, repeatedly put me on long hold (min. of 5mins) and forgot to file the reference number of my inquiry and complaint. After an hour, she muted my phone call, pretended to be typing my complaint, and essentially failed to give me contact of complaints desk. So in essence, in that one hour she has:
1) said my account is acitve but after I asked her for details, said its inactive, then after 10mins holding period, said its active.
2) didn't know what to say after reporting that my account is active. There's even a point when I waited for her to say the common ending line. She just didn't say or know it.
3) After making me wait for another 10mins, claimed there's service maintenance but didn't bother to tell me about it.
4) She muted me thrice.
5) I asked for the complaints desk but she initially gave me [protected] Em, yes?
This customer representative is the worst I'be dealth with. Ever.

Oct 25, 2017

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