BDO Online Banking / enrollment of cash card

MAKATI, Philippines

I already have an online banking account with them and I am trying to add a cash card account in it so that I can manage it online. They said to give it within 5 working days to activate. I enrolled it the afternoon of dec. 11, 2014, but on the 18th I followed up since its still not active. They said to give it another 24 hrs. Come the 19th and its still not there. I followed up again and requested to have it expedited, they said they need another 5 days to do it. I asked them why is taking so long for them to do that, its my account, my money and my personal info. And I also ask them to just tell me if they cant do it or wont allow it but they cant give me a straight answer, they just kept telling me to give it sometime and they are still working on it.

Dec 19, 2014

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