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Complaint against bayview modification department loan # [protected]
november 21, 2017
Deborah dix
131 malcolm
Forest rd new castle 19720
Bayview ceo,
Im complaining to the ceo, occ, bbb, fdic etc….

I've been sending documents over and over to (david white) (emial davidwhite loss mitgation dept. loss mitigation are [censor], I have a real hardship. I have been trying to get assistance for 3 months. I feel i've been getting the run around with bayview i've faxed all documents and I know I qualify under their guidelines. please help me, i've called, they keep giving different stories regarding my submission packet (its complete all document) the loss mitigation dept supervisor (james galon) and iask for a callafter escalated 2 more times I never never received a call from domico moreno) I sent email documents to (david white and tobyscott) was suppose to escalate this file and I sent documents to him and he still didn't upload them from 10/4 (I have proof form 9/5/ till now of all items ivesent tine and dates. the undwritter on my file is asking for the the items over and over since 9/5/17 I have submitted a complete pack with all docs consecutive application, paystubs, utility bill, hardship, bankstatments, taxes all updated. one week items are there next week items diaspear??? this has been going on for 3 months runaround different stories.!!! on oct 4 and 10/16 and oct 31h I was told the file would be escalted. this is a bad game bayview is playing. all the reps I have spoken with at smart [censor] and rude!!! I have provided everything the asked and they asking for items ive already provided. help me with forbearance or payment plan anything to save my home!!!. I do not want to loose my home please please help. ive been speaking to loss mitigation. I qualify!!! and have spoken to many reps in bayview but no there is smart enough to work on the file!! in escalations, I cant seem to get anywhere. please help!!! I have also tried to get my file escalated, either supervisor never never available I cannot get anyone of authority on the phone. they cant speak english properly cant understand they

This will go to bbb - occ - ceo - fdic - etc………….

Kind regards,

Kelly ray authorized to speak on behave deborah
Sr. negotiator
Phone: 1.949.662.3363
Fax: 1.949.522.9028

Nov 21, 2017

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