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Complaint:Food Complaints.Every day supermarkets, shops, markets, restaurants, food shops always raise many food prices and things. Every day many food prices increase and things, they (a) want to steal my money . They always raise many prices of food and things, my father has no money to support me, I have no money to buy food and things and everyone (a) just want to see me and my Dad, we're starving! Complaints: every day, every supermarket, every store, every market, every restaurant, every food store does not lower the price of food and things!

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    Complaint: Complaint sexual abuse.Unknown husband does not support me, I do not live with the unknown husband inside my house. A group of unknown people invent that I have a husband and send the unknown boys touch my human body in the streets, in the supermarkets, in the Markets, in the shops, these boys do not give money to me, these guys are just giving money to these people. I'm single and I do not have a husband. All the unknown people are hate me! I meet friend

    morton plant hospital
Jan 16, 2017

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