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Bought a lotion during the holidays that was very popular but stores kept running out of it. Doesn't make sense when you have a product everyone likes & the stores don't replenish it but you keep trying to sell that awful Twilight Woods, Japanese Cherry Blossom & Thousand Wishes. It's overkill & isn't moving half as fast as the Frosted Coconut Snowball scent I fell in love with... Along with many other people. Alot of the scents have a very weak fragrance & are starting to all smell the same. Rose smelling scents smell like funeral flowers. There are very few scents I enjoy in this store anymore. Packaging changes but that's all. Miss the slippers & robes though. I also don't like the fact that you keep changing the hand sanitizer sizes & have to keep buying new holders to accommodate the new SMALLER size! Why did you get rid of the lotion holders for the key rings? They were so convenient & kept you from digging in your purse. Lastly, the prices are ridiculous. Plain & simple. The $10 off of $40 even more ridiculous. What a ripoff. I really used to enjoy shopping @ this store but now it's just disappointing. Same ol' crap, different bottle. My visits are limited due to the fact, nothing changes. Will go back to buying drug store lotion.

Jan 11, 2017
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  •   Jan 11, 2017

    Common sense must prevail. First, they run out because the manufacturer can not keep up. The store can't sell what they can't get. Second, B&B does not make the sanitizer, therefore they are not reducing the size, the manufacturer is. It is called inflation and has been around for freaking ever. This is not a new concept. As for needing a new holder, it is called supply and demand. The manufacturer is guaranteeing they stay in business by making new product. Dollar store lotions are cheap, and sizing depends on the manufacturer. You get what you pay for.

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  • Po
      Jan 11, 2017

    While you make think the scents they have in stock are awful, many others may like it. Your opinion is yours and does not automatically apply to others.

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