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I thought I would give Bath and Body Works another chance. Even though several years ago I had a horrible reaction to a body wash that resulted in my doctor's initial thought was that I had herpes!! It was eventually determined, after testing, that I had a horrific reaction to your body wash resulting in blistering and seeping in my vaginal area. I contacted you and basically nothing was done. Well, I bought my husband the Mahogany woods wash.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Pittsburgh, PA He used it last night and his face immediately felt like someone poured acid on it. It was on fire, and this morning is still bright red and his forehead and cheek is swollen. I am ready to tell people to stop buying these body washes. My daughter had a reaction several years ago also. What the hell is in this stuff? We are not the only people this is happening to!! We can't be. I am furious and once again will not be buying anything from your store ever again. I will be forwarding you medical bills if he needs to see a doctor today.
Bonnie Nycz

Jan 26, 2018
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