Bath & Body Works Direct / improper management at, the dodge city ks store

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I went to the Dodge City, KS store and was interested in the $25 bag promotion. I was told that there weren't anymore grey bags available for that promotion. Then a customer that came in after I did was given one. I asked why and was told that the Manager was saving them for "certain people ". After much complaint and informing them that I would be filing a complaint they somehow "found" me a grey bag. I think it's unprofessional for the Manger to use her position to benefit only whom she wants to have certain items when customers in the store are denied them and then others are receiving them after the previous customer requested it and was told there were none available.

I just wanted to make sure someone knew what the Manager of the Dodge City, KS store was doing.

Thank you,

Nov 23, 2017

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