Bath and Body Worksnot only did they fail to give the promised item, but they then fished for more money from me

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I recently went to Bath and Body works where they had a buy three get two free sale. I provided my receipt to the clerk. She rang it up. I had a lot of things to do this day so I hurriedly finished my errands and went home. Upon arriving home I discovered that they only rang up four of my five items and had not given me a free item. I called the store and was put on hold repeatedly. Finally, I logged on and submitted a complaint via the internet and even provided them with a store location and receipt number for verification. I was told to call for a one on one discussion. Upon calling I spoke to a woman named Denise who advised me that she would send me a $10.00 gift certificate so that I could buy the free item that they failed to ring up. Three weeks later I received a buy one get one free coupon. Not only did they fail to give the promised item, but they then fished for more money from me.

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  • Lo
      Mar 28, 2011

    I encountered the worst sales person ever at a store in Columbus Georgia. Her name was Stephanie and I don't think she likes working for Bath and Body Works. She single handledly ruined my shopping experience. She was very dry, she didn't speak to me when I came in and it was like she was reading a script when I was checking out. Afterward she shoved my merchandise at me in a "hurry up and leave kind of fashion."I love the products and I would hate to discontinue shopping there. Please make necessary adjustments to the staff at the Whittlesey Blvd store. Thanks.

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  • Lb
      Apr 14, 2011

    Loyal I would find their phone number to that store and complain about her. If you still have the receipt, it should have the cashiers information (emp number, name, etc). I am not one to do complaining to a manager but if a employee treated me like that you bet I would have complained. If you dont want to call I know if you go on their fan page on facebook and post the complaint onto the wall they might help you there. Just a thought. Good luck. To cormille-did they end up sending you the gift card?

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