Bata India / hush puppies laces

Chennai, India

I purchased Hush Puppies Shoes Article No.8246936 Size 1 vide Cash Memo No.1708 from your Shop No.1813 at Phase No.2, Spencer Plaza, Chennai 600002 on 17th May, 2015.

Within one week of usage the shoe laces on the right leg started wearing off and the outer cover got completely peeled off in less than 3 weeks time. Today, I went to your store from where I purchased asking for replacing the original laces with new ones and the salesman (He claims to be the manager of the store) by name Mr. Mukherji refused to change the same with another pair of original laces but offered with another substitute pair instead. When I opened the pair the length was shorter than the original and I refused to accept and insisted that he should replace with original laces, he responded arrogantly stating that it is not possible and I can complain to whomever I wish and that he is not bothered.

I feel such type of behaviors of your employees are highly unacceptable and would cause more harm to your brand, if left unattended. I have attached photographs of the sales person and also the shoe laces and would like you to advise the salesman to apologize for his behavior and also immediately advise the store to give me original replacement.

Jun 14, 2015

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