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I had worked for Barrister since 2003 under tech ID BAS6168. Had occasional problems, especially when Katrina hit. Since that time, tech hold times have increased - over 3 hours on hold at 3PM MDT on a Friday, till the onsite person had to go home, pay has become a pain, and getting hold of dispatch takes over an hour. Their tech support has become less knowledgeable and put me on hold to research. I have found that I can Google the issue and apply it faster than it takes to call them.

I do have experience in fixing things, but in the past it was their tech support that has caused me problems and made me run late to a 3rd call to order the correct part. This not knowing how to correct things by tech support is upsetting and a lot of the clients like the work that I do and I have gotten good reviews in the past .

Their pay has been slower than other companies, but the Net30 has been honored until this January. I started receiving a partial pay on the 28th or 29th day, and when I complained to pay issues, I would get an email telling me I would get the balance in the future. For example, a $35 job was paid $26.25 with $8.75 paid 6 days later, a $60 job was paid $30 on the 28th day and $30 on the 42nd day. When I complained to Debra Bowers, she advised to contact Jared Bowers to resolve, and he did by deactivating my account so that I would no be "unhappy"

It seems that barrister accepts no responsibility for anything dealing with Contractors and they are bad at communication and they will deactivate you with out telling you

Barrister Global Services Network
Barrister Global Services Network
Barrister Global Services Network
Barrister Global Services Network

Mar 20, 2016
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  • Barrister has responded to this individual and resolved his concerns. We work with all of the techs who perform work for us, and we pay on time. Ask the over 2, 000 techs who worked for us in 2015. Compared to a few negative posts, you will quickly see where the problem may lie. When we work with a tech repeatedly and they continue to complain about the exact same issue over and over, even once it has been resolved they continue to re-visit the instance, and they find fault with every term and condition and process, it becomes expedient for both parties to discontinue the relationship.

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  • Ro
      Apr 11, 2016

    They did not resolve my concerns. I have 9 different jobs that were not paid withing 30 days. when I receive $8.25 of a $35 service call on the 39th day after performing the work, that is not net 30. Yes the majority of the payment was within 30 days but the balance was not. For a $60 service call, the balance of $30 was received on the 33rd day after performing the work. For a $30 service call, the balance of $6.75 was received on the 32nd day. When I asked why this was, I got no response, and when I continued to ask I was deactivated.

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