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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

Barrister Global Services Network, Inc.

14042 Barrister Way
United States - 70403

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 985 365 0400(Administration/Customer Care) 1 0
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1979 Hammond, LA 70404-1979

Barrister Global Services Network Complaints & Reviews

Barrister Global Services Network / non-payment for work rendered

Jun 13, 2017

I have worked with Barrister some time and recently have not been paid for 14 work orders totaling over $1, 000! They falsely claim that I did not return the defective parts, yet with the provided tracking information, the head of the Core Returns department, Patrick Clark has confirmed...

Barrister Global Services Network / management

Aug 26, 2016

Barrister Global Services NetworkThe ceo of this company, should take a look at how her company is being run by the people she has put in charge. Before those people she trust runs her company out of business. Due to the way management is conducting business with their contract laborers, there is a law suite pending with...

Barrister Global Services Network / class action lawsuit

Aug 26, 2016

Barrister Global Services NetworkI am Looking for other contractors that have been cheated by Barrister Global Service Network to join in Class action Law Suite Against Barrister Global Service Network Contact Me At class.action.[protected] You must have either a E-mail Trail or Paper trail to back up your...

Barrister Global Services Network / payment late or less than promised

Mar 20, 2016

Barrister Global Services NetworkI had worked for Barrister since 2003 under tech ID BAS6168. Had occasional problems, especially when Katrina hit. Since that time, tech hold times have increased - over 3 hours on hold at 3PM MDT on a Friday, till the onsite person had to go home, pay has become a pain, and getting hold...

Barrister Global Services Network, Inc. / I was working with them and now they will let me work with them again

Mar 04, 2016

I was working with Barrister in the past several years on and off. Under the BAS32299 id They deactivated me and did not tell me why or how I could correct it. I asked and it deactivated by the vi of the company. I have asked for a call back o I could talk with him to the matter resolved...

Barrister Global Services Network, Inc. / non payment for completed assignments

Oct 14, 2015

I have been associated with Barrister Global Services since 2005 when I had a retail/service company located in Northern Arizona. Most of my assignments with the consisted of State Farm Insurance calls. I was normally paid an hourly rate and was always paid on time. Medical issues in 2012...

Barrister Global / wont verify employment

Oct 16, 2014

Im going through a background check for perm employment and Barrister Global will not verify that I was employed with them!! They said to the background check person that they do not do that! What the heck? Why wouldnt you do that? I cant even call and get ahold of Barrister Global. These...

Barrister Global Services Network / barrister continues to grow!

Aug 07, 2014

We have been around for 35 years and we continue to grow. As with any growing company we are learning better ways to do things and gaining more and more knowledge. As any human, we all learn from our mistakes. Barrister is a company that is run by humans. No single company is the epitome...

Barrister Global Services Network / barrister non payment


Barrister global services is the worst companies I have ever worked for. At first they were decent. Although their work orders were underpaid, at least they paid on time. About 6 months ago, barrister stopped paying me on time. At first it was a couple of days late, then it started...

Barrister Global Services Network / incompetence, rudeness


This "company" is run by a bunch of chimps. I was offered a job, which never materialized. I started receiving emails for available service calls in my area (and way beyond). They were all $45 or so to drive 40 mins to an hour to replace a printer part. My take after taxes would cover...

Barrister Global Services Network / fraud, refuse to pay


Refuse to Pay, Completed Several WO Successfully, Makes all Kinds of Excuses not to Pay, Beware do not perform any work for them!

Barrister Global Services Network Inc / unethical


Barrister was in business over 35 years with the previous owner. Not Debra and John Bowers (mother and son) who purchased Barrister after the katrina disaster. Utilizing insurance money from property damage. Debra Bower's husband owns a construction business an used his resources including...

Barrister Global Communications Network / pay issues


I would like to gather together a group of people (50 or more) who have been wrong by Barrister and go after them via the BBB. With that many people there could be a class action suit and we could be repayed for the damages done. If you have had problems with Barrister and would like to be...

Barrister Global Services Network / technition scam


Barrister Global Services NetworkOn Saturday, December 6, 2010, I received a call from a person named "Iassic Smith" from "Barrister Global Services". He said that they had multiple customers my area and that they needed a technition for that area to do electronics repairs. I did a search on Barrister International through both...

Barrister Global Services Network / non-payment


I just wanted to add to the list of complaints about Non-Payment. I'm not a technician for Barrister, but my husband is. We own a computer store in the small town that we live in. My husband happened upon this company through Craig's List. He went and stayed in Hammond, LA for a week and...

Barrister Global Services Network / not paying


Warning to all self employed computer repair techs! Please avoid all of these companies such as Prism Point Technologies, Gurus2Go, Captovis Industries, Barrister Global Services Network and all other such companies. They are dispatching techs to complete work orders and not paying us. The...

Barrister Global / customer service employment


I went for an interview approx 2 weeks ago and met with Jennifer Trahan in Personnel (HR Department). We dicussed hourly salary, Shift hours, she then asked me to wait and speak with the manager of the commercial side of the customer service department, and I waited, but she then said Tasha...

Barrister Global Services / dishonest about payments


Exceedingly dishonest about payments. They will quote you and promise you one thing, and then not honor their commitment. They will get you on-site for a service call, and if it be4comes complicated, will verbally promise you an hourly rate, or an increased flat rate, and then when it...

Barrister Global Services Network, Inc. / corporate response


Paying technicians promptly and correctly is a priority for our company.  Payments are generally prepared approximately 21 days following the receipt of all documentation and information from technician closing the call.  Technicians must call from site to close calls, return...

Barrister Global Services Network / they don't pay their technicians!


I have been a contract technician for Barrister Global Services Network for 11 months. They are constantly late in paying me as a technician, and when I attempt to call their payment department, no one answers. Also, none of the emails I send regarding payment for the work I've done are...