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Barrister Global Services Network / not paying

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Warning to all self employed computer repair techs! Please avoid all of these companies such as Prism Point Technologies, Gurus2Go, Captovis Industries, Barrister Global Services Network and all other such companies. They are dispatching techs to complete work orders and not paying us. The business environment is already tough enough without having these no good companies working us for free and and stiffing us on our payments. It is just better to build up you own clients and customers than serving their customers and not getting paid. If you must work as a contractor, then I suggest using Onforce because when a buyer needs services from an independent contractor, he has to pay up front first before the work order is even routed to techs. That is the whole reason Onforce was created; so buyers could stop ripping off techs.

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      30th of Nov, 2010
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    Barrister appreciates our technicians and the work they perform for us. We have three steps technicians have to follow in order to get paid. They are as follows:

    One, the technician calls in to Barrister while onsite to close the call. The number to call is 985-365-0400

    Two, upon completing service, login to TechWa and attach completed & signed RFS within 10 Days – sooner the better. The tech has 10 days from the date service was completed to login to TechWa and attach the RFS or the work order will not be paid. Attached is step by step directions to create a label and to enter return tracking.

    Three, return core part and provide Barrister the return tracking number. The tech has 10 days from the date service was completed for the part to be returned e.g. scans as in transit or shows returned or the work order will not be paid. To expedite payment, you can now go to Barrister’s web portal, TechWa, and enter this information yourself. Attached is step by step directions to create a label and to enter return tracking.

  • Te
      13th of Jan, 2011
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    I too have been scammed by Barrister, when I reconciled my account I had several non payments from them. They claimed they had not received my paperwork when in fact I had Faxed AND Emailed the paperwork within the alloted time. I have heard from other technicians this is very common with them.

    I believe a class action law suit may be in order.

  • As
      24th of Feb, 2011
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    But OnForce (OnfArce?) has it's own set of problems. I am doing a little research as I am about to have a fight with OnfArce over getting paid for work completed this week. There are scam artists on OnfArce that abuse that system and OnfArce does little or nothing about it.

  • Pr
      1st of Jul, 2011
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    "One, the technician calls in to Barrister while onsite to close the call. The number to call is 985-365-0400"

    ...and wait on hold UNPAID for at least 30 minutes, but most likely an hour - while the EU sits there and looks at you like you're a ### for sitting on hold with "your" home office for so long.

    Add to this, refurbished DOA parts requiring a reinstall of the original part and a return trip to site to "fix" the issue, no return labels, UNPAID travel time and/or mileage, "lost" paperwork...multiple times, and at least 30 days waiting for the whopping $35 you made for 2 hours or more on site...and that is if you get paid at all.

    The last time Barrister called me for an HP warranty ticket, I told him I needed at least $90, after all, that is what ServiceLive has been paying me for the SAME HP warranty calls, and he choked. He asked me "How can they be paying that much?" I told him "I don't know, better contract negotiators maybe?" hahaha

    It's painfully obvious, this company is a joke, and the joke is on the techs who do the work for them.

  • Jb
      1st of Jul, 2011
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    this is the exact reason why there is a 20+ page complaint about barrister already. and, the reason why i dont do work for them anymore.
    they are pathetic enough to have a personal blog type of website that is created by someone that works internal. It calls all of the techs, making complaints, liars.

  • Ba
      25th of Oct, 2011
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    Barrister is a scam, pure and simple. After 2 months of work, which includes about 6 residential calls, and 2 project calls. I show $75 in my bank account from these ###s. They owe me a couple thousand. When I realized this, I did some checking and found this site, and there are others with thousands more complaints. Unreal. I got suckered into this by a friend who felt the need to sign me up, but I was free, so I gave it a shot. And now here I am, a good 3 months down the road and $70. If you think this is a job, guess again. It is a scam. It is a laundering operation, slave labor operation, and all of the above. Don't get involved with this company, period. Of course, Im sure you have figured this out already if you are here reading this. Im going to bring the hammer with the BBB, Attorney generals, etc. I have to say, after reading this site, and my own experiences, its just pure hilarity. One of the guys I worked with was living in homeless shelter, and rode the bus to a site, and I was asked by barrister to give this guy a ride for a week to another site, which I declined, as Im not a taxi cab, and no offer of compensation for this was given by anyone.

    It is no wonder if he is relying on Barrister for payment. I do web design, server installations, etc, I don't need "help" getting them the RFS to their TechWA website which is broken on purpose as a reason for them to delay payment, or not pay at all. I also emailed RFS forms upwards of 6 times each to their email address in every file format known to mankind, and they would still say they didn't get it. ###. Who the [censored] uses .tif? Barrister. They request an out of date format on purpose, Its a scam.

    13% deduction in your check for "quick" pay that does not exist? LOL How about a $200 fine for being late to a project site? Dont go over an hour at any site, because its $35 period, not $35 an hr. You uploaded and successfully attached your RFS to TechWA? Oh, we cant see it. You havent been paid what you are owed? No problem, send it to the "pay issues" email. lmao

    This ### hole should be out of business for its criminal activities.

    Welcome to globalism, and the equalization of the american worker with third world countries.

    I AM going to get my money.

    I AM going to get my money.

  • Gl
      16th of Mar, 2012
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    Well said brother! Exactly the same ### is happening to me... Hate these ###ers

  • Ac
      26th of May, 2012
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    Barrister contracted me at the last minute, ( a thursday afternoon), to do a Burger King project. It was their "Game Changer" promotion. However, Burger King cancelled the following evening. We were already assigned 6 sites and had completed 3 when we got the email not to do anymore sites. Ok, so that was a bummer but at least we were getting paid for those sites, at $140 per site btw. That was March 23. On May 9th I got an email telling me that I wouldn't be paid for the sites due to lack of R.F.S. ( reciept for service).
    TOTAL B.S. because I have emails they sent telling me the work order is closed and awaiting payment. These ### will get what they have coming...
    If there is anyone out there going through the same thing, email me and lets see what we can't do. [protected]

  • Fi
      9th of Oct, 2012
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    I was also ripped off by Barrister on this and other projects. they short paid me for a bunch of small RFSs. Then with the BK project, they went all out and stole over $1000 from me. I paid workers to complete sites, got sign offs, and submitted completion photos. Barrister is refusing to pay and just befuddles the issue by tossing it from rep to rep, asking for signed RFSs that they specifically instructed me not to use. (The RFSs say Barrister and we were to represent The Insite Group while onsite!)

  • Nj
      17th of Jul, 2013
    -1 Votes

    my husband want to work with barrister co... is that safe

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