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Barnes And Noble Gift Cards / 1cent charge

1 United States

My underage daughter is a big reader so I bought her a nook. Since she doesn't have a credit card, I attached mine to her nook account but she relies on gift cards given to bet through out the year for her books. I have discovered that barnes and noble runs through a. 01 cent charge to make sure it's a valid account and is suppose to credit the account back at the same time. This is not happening. I have numerous. 01 cent charges on my bank account when there was plenty of money on the gift card and I have one gift card that was I was charged. 01 cent three separate times! I know it may not be a large sum of money but when I can add up. 20 cents in 6 months its rather annoying not to mention fraudulent! After looking at my daughter account I went in and looked at my seperate account and found the same the had happened. I had to call customer support and give them all the reference numbers so they could go back and credit my account. They tried to tell me that it was only happening to me but after researching the internet I have found posting from others having the same problem. The kicker. . I have had to call on three seperate occasions to have my bank account credited. All those. 01 cent charges add up so they would be making a nice little profit fraudulently and without their customers consent.

Apr 3, 2013

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