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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - shipping times

After waiting over the 4-14 day shipping window of which I think 14 days is a little extreem I am told to give it more time now. I can have a car shipped to me faster that these people move. And I guess they dont actually read the emails you send them based on I am in texas and they tell me about prolonged shipping to military address. Below is excerpts from my email trafic with them.

Them: your order was accepted by the marketplace seller on (03/29/2011). The
Shipping method selected for the order usually takes (4-14) business
Days in transit. Please note: business days are monday through friday,
Excluding holidays observed by the post office. We anticipated delivery
Of your order on or around (04/18/2011). We apologize for the delay in
Delivering your order. Occasional delays in the receipt of these orders
Can range from 1-5 additional business days. For military addresses
(Apo/fpo) there can be delays in the receipt of these orders due to
Additional processing time within the receiving military base.

Since you did not receive your package by the date above, kindly contact
The seller via the seller's email address provided in your order
Confirmation email.

Please allow the seller 1-2 business days to respond to your inquiry.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Me: it has now been the 14 days that you said as the max average shipping
Time. You base this on business days of monday threw friday however the
Usps works on saturday so it has actually been 17 days. At 14 days to
Ship two small books is very unacceptable with the speed at which you
Can ship any sized package across the us in much less time without
Expediting the package. I will not use your services again in the future
And will not be recommending your services to anyone. As far as
Contacting the marketplace seller that is your responsibility to vet and
Hold accountable any sub contract sellers that you use to provide your
Services. As I purchased these books off your website and the receipt
Has your name (B&n) on it and states for any questions to contact you
Not the sub contract seller.

Them: thank you for your inquiry regarding your order number xxxxxxxx.

Your order was accepted by the marketplace seller on 3/29/11. The
Shipping method selected for the order usually takes 4-14 business days
In transit. Please note: business days are monday through friday,
Excluding holidays observed by the post office. We anticipate delivery
Of your order on or around 4/18/11.

The shipper has not obtained or provided a tracking number for your

If you do not receive your package by the date above, kindly contact the
Marketplace seller via the seller's email address (Provided in your
Order confirmation email).

Me: I am checking with you in regards to this order as I have not received
It as of today. Can you please update me as to the status of this order?

I'm assuming this is a used item? If so, B&N is not responsible the seller is.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - outlet denied

First off they never pick up their phones. Ive called numerousness times to check if they have a book. Not once have I spoke to another human being... Nevertheless, I come here to study, and their are 2 outlets that are not working. When I asked for service they tell me " we don't usually let our customers use our outlets. Mind you there is sign that says, "free wi - fi" and everyone at a table has a laptop. I've never been so upset. If they had a sign in the sitting read said "no outlets available, I would have gone somewhere else. This used to be my favorite place to unwind. Now my friends and are really starting to resent this place.

Barnes & Noble crippled me for life when I worked there and they denied everything.

For a supposed free wireless starbucks cafe Barnes & Noble is a pain in the ###. They have hardly any outlets, they are now cutting down on their refills policies for something as cheap as it tea? Not a frappe or an expensive concoction that costs 5 bucks. They want us to come in and browse at their books and use our nooks? but they are going to let some girl with green rotton teeth tell me theres no longer refills on ice tea for a reasonable price? I will hang out at Micky D's and have tanks of ice tea for 1.00 instead of 2.00 dollars a pop and just maybe there will be plugs for your lap top as well. People can also venture to the local library and be assured of plugs and free wi fi ...absolutely Barnes & Noble has lost my vote now...they are becoming ridiculous and petty...

It is a business you know. Go to a library.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - rude cafe workers

I have never been in a store to buy coffee where they have hired such rude inconsiderate girls. Who said blonda have all the fun? These two girls are the rudest most sourfaced people in the world...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - nook customer service

Barnes and nobles has very poor customer service. I do not understand why they would invent a product like the nook and hire piss poor personnel to deal with the customers. They are just plain rude, not only will they cut you off before you can even tell them your issue. I had one lady tell me I didn't even have an email registered there, i've been with b&n over 15 years, bus she couldn't spell jamaica! She kept taking deep breaths, like I was bothering her but she's the one that couldn't spell. I've even gone so far as to go into the store to allow the associates there to deal with them and the "corporate" office seems to be just as rude as to them. My complaints were about books missing from my library after a software upload, gift cards not being charged, missing gift cards, nook books with missing chapters, etc. I was called by a rep, rasheed west-ford, he spoke very loud and was no help at all. He sent me one email stating they were not aware of any other customers having the issues I was having and exactly 3 mins later he sent another one stating the exact opposite. So finally I was offered a $25 egift card for my trouble, I arrived almost a year later and then there was no money on it! I couldn't make this up if I tried! So I email mr. West-ford (Who can be reached directly at [protected], he claims is direct boss is the vp of customer relations) and got an out of office reply, eventually he returned and sent me an email stating the exact order numbers that I used to deplete the gift card. I did make the purchases but they were not charged to that gift card! This is awful, I have an entire spreadsheet dedicated to b&n, i've exchanged exactly 113 emails, 19 complaints, over 187 phone calls, 29 gift cards, $1, 009.47 of purchases and 48 store visits! Yet b&n launches the color nook and had the nerve to email me about it. Really? They can't provide reasonable customer service for the current nook! The bad part is that b&n is a good company that have decided to employ awful people, I would love to see the qualifications and training the employees are required to have. If it is more than three paragraphs, i'd be amazed!

This complaint sounds like a bunch of crap to me. Lady also complains about edible arrangements travelocity, Baymont Inns, and SO wait the guy offered you and gift card and was talking too loud for you. Guess you would have rather talked to someone whispering and who offered you nothing in return for your troubles. Good luck with those prisoners.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - return policy

I just had a baby. Do you know how many people have given us duplicate books? Everything from what to expect (During pregnancy, during year one, etc. ) to baby books, and children's books. Often the...

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Barnes & Noble Booksellers - customer service department is an absolute joke

This is the 2nd time that I’ve ordered Barnes and Noble Gift Cards online and did not receive. The first time was 4 years ago and I was able to get a refund for the purchase that was never received after several phone calls.

This year I thought I try again. Big Mistake. I ordered the items on November 30. Received an email that the items shipped on 12/3/09. Never received the items – meantime I’ve made numerous calls to track the shipments, etc. The Customer Service department is an absolute joke.

I was told conflicting stories – items shipped on 11/20/09 (odd because the order was made until 11/30), item shipped and should receive in 3-5 weeks ) for gift cards). Item never shipped, etc, etc. Finally I requested that the order be canceled and that the gift cards be voided. Was told that I would receive a refund in 3-5 days. Never happened!

After many, many phone calls to Barnes and Noble, I got nowhere. Finally filed a dispute with our credit card company who took care of the refund.

When I was in the store yesterday there were approximately 75 people in the store. There was only one cashier on duty at the register. I had to wait with 8 customers ahead of me to make my purchase and there were 20 customers waiting behind me, complaining loudly. I complained to the cashier and she only complained to me about how overworked she was by the company. This is outrageous abuse of customers by B and N. I'll do business exclusively with Auntie's in Spokane from now on, even though it is an inconvenience to travel into town!!

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - rip off

When barnes and noble first released their version of an e-reader (The nook) , my fiance wanted one so bad, so I went out and got a credit card just to get the nook for her. I spent 250.00 dollars on this nook and just two days later had to return and exchange it for another one due to the fact that the first one had terrible loading times. Then shortly after we get the second one, the nook goes on sale for 200.00 dollars. Just for the record, im not complaining about how much I spent, im upset cause I could have bought her a 50.00 dollar gift card for the nook if it had originally been 200.00 dollars. Then this second one starts to have networking problems even after daily updates, but the worst thing about it is now barnes and noble now have a color nook for the same price I payed for the black and white screened nook, which is now 150.00 dollars. I just do not see why barnes and noble could not release the color screened nook first to begin with, now I look like a fool when that commercial comes on about this great new colored screen nook and the love of my life does not have one cause times are hard and I cannot afford her one. By the way, that nook of hers is still having trouble and now it will not even turn on.

123321 & kissmekati: can you comment on the fact that this customer has had 2 nooks, neither of which work correctly ... rather than the relationship?

a) you were dumb enough to not get the warranty. It would have solved your proplems.
b) You hear of the ipad 2? Guess what? people are holding out from getting that for the ipad 3! Companies always release something bigger and better the second go around. Just because your g/f was too antsy to wait around to see what was happening next is not the companies problem.
c) "and the love of my life does not have one cause times are hard and I cannot afford her one". sounds like a whiney spoiled woman and I would be getting out of that relationship super quick

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - No answer from customer care

I pre-ordered a book on I also ordered a second book. Since the first book was in stock I was charged for both books and the first one was shipped right away.

The second books was released for the first time two months later. I waited two weeks. I called customer service and talked to a representative, she told me that she could see where I paid for the books and that one was shipped. She said she would get back with me by email. I heard nothing back. I tried to call, the representatives see my account online, they hang up on me immediately without a word.

I made a Better Business Bureau complaint, they emailed me that something went wrong with the order and I was never charged for the book. I have a credit card statement that says otherwise. They will not respond to the Better Business Bureau complaint, they will send me the book, they will not give me my money back, and now won’t answer my emails or talk to me on the phone.

On the 14th of November 2010 I ordered 2 books on line. " The Wimpy Kid : The Ugly Truth and Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. The order number is [protected]. The amount I charged to my Visa was $17.26. I have called 9 (NINE) time to find out about my REFUND, each time I have been told that the refund has be posted to my account IT HAS NOT!!!

Would someone PLEASE just send me a Check (If you know what that is) and let's get this over with?????

The last time I called was February 21, I talked to Amber, this was in the evening before 8 PM. She was very pleasant and helpful and concerned about my problem. She with a Manager Jackie said that they would make sure this would be posted to my account in 3-10 business days, the 10th business day will be, 7th (supposedly). I want to know what to do IF I do not get my refund by then?? I'm not sure, what this number is that they gave me, but I'm going to use it as a reference number #317875. The number on the order is [protected].

I have always enjoyed the convenience of on line shopping with Border's, BUT this is the last time I do this and I'm not so sure I'll shop at the Border's stores either. The one big problem I did have with the online was that I could not understand anyone, and I'm sure there are other AMERICANS that have had the same problem. 1. you are taking away jobs from Americans and 2. Even though they are polite and all they do not speak understandable ENGLISH. If I wanted to deal with foreign employees, I would move to their country, LEARN THEIR LANGUAGE and be done with it.

Now all I ask for is PLEASE get my REFUND posted to my account by or before the 7th of March.

19911 BEACH RD. #117

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Auto Renewal of membership not wanted

I was charges $25 for a renewal of my Barnes and Noble membership over a month prior to when the account should have expired. Not only does this short me a month of membership it also is not a valid...

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Barnes & Noble Booksellers - ebay store wont give you your money back!

I have been trying for 2 months to get them to credit me for my returned item that I bought from their ebay store. It only allows paypal, and they seem totally inept at doing so. I have spent hours on hold and then they promise my refund, but it never appears.

you stay on hold forever, and when they forward you the next person has no idea and you start all over again. their computer system starts mixing your orders up. its just a total CF from the start.

well I work for Barnes and Noble and we get people who will bring books they bought from borders and try to get store credit or return their books. So maybe you should start saving reciepts

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - $25 membership refund

Paid $25 for membership a year ago. Never received any discount or offers. B&n says its the fault of internet explorer, and that their mail to me was considered spam. Even the person at bn...

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Barnes & Noble Booksellers - stupid employees: unable to count as high as 5

I ordered 5 copies of Timothy Ferriss's new book, "The Four Hour Body." I don't normally order multiple copies of a book, but in this case, the author promised admission to a private webinar to anyone who bought 5 copies of the book. So I paid for 5 copies. When the box containing the books arrived, there were only 4 copies inside. Apparently, Barnes & Noble employees who fulfill their orders are incapable of counting as high as the number 5.

Guess you didnt take the time to call the store or contact the website and ask for your 5th book before coming here to complain. You need to remember the old saying about throwing stones...

Grow up, and resolve the problem instead of whining on a board completely unrelated to the company. You've got a lot to learn about the world, kiddo, if you think this is some major issue.

Man up, call them and get your fifth copy of a useless book by a real scammer. That is, if you aren't too humiliated to actually admit you got suckered in five times by this loser, all for the chance to hear his sales pitch to further sucker you in!

Talk about taking your eye off the ball here!

Because no one ever makes mistakes, [censored].

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - incorrect order recieved

I received the wrong order. The package I received had the correct packing slip but the items were wrong. I contacted barnes and noble customer service initially by e-mail only to get a...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - they suck!

We were robbed of our money on our gift card - we tried to make a purchase online on january 8, 2010, then received an email saying our credit card was denied, but they also robbed the gift card and did not process our order! We have called more than 7 times in the last week and have sat on hold for up to 2 hours!!! The customer service for barnes and noble sucks!!! We sent emails and got automated responses saying to call the number, so we call and all we do is sit on hold! We were robber and we will never buy from barnes and noble ever again!!!

We had a similar situation. We registered a $20 giftcard online in August. It was a gift to my son from his Aunt. His grandmother gave him a Nook for his birthday as well. The giftcard was still accounted for as of mid-October. My son hadn't used it yet...opting to download some free titles first. He wanted to use it last week...and the giftcard account show $0 for his balance. Customer service was of no help. They did not show the giftcard ever being there yet they showed every free download. Customer Service then sent me to the giftcard people but they were no help either. Did we keep the actual card? No. Didn't think we had to since it was posted on our online account. My mother-in-law purchased four Nooks, one for each grandson. Now no one in our family wants to spend money with Barnes & Noble! They are thieves!


A similar thing happened to me. My credit card was charged the full amount and the gift card was removed from my Barnes Noble account. I called them and they basically called me a liar. Do not use Barnes and Noble online.

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Barnes & Noble Booksellers - customer service

I have had my nook for little under a year when I got a black line in the screen obstructing a few words making it difficult to read. This was not a major problem I just thought I would call and get a replacement. Well the problem started with their customer service... After being on hold for a min. 15 minutes before speaking to anyone I got someone who really didn't know how to explain the resetting device... Told me to do that then call back... Nothing worked... I called back and spoke to another person who took my name and account info, and told me the replacement would be sent out in 2-3 days. 4 days later, I have to call to check on the device, another lady told me that it was still on the way and would be there by the next day. Come the next day, it had not shown up. This is almost a full week after my first contact with them. I call them back (Everytime I wait about 15 minutes before speaking to someone) and they tell me it probably got lost in transit... Wtf. So she takes my account info again and sends out an new order on the 12 of jan... It's now jan 15 and I have yet to receive the nook.. The tracking packaage options shows it is in nj and has not been updated in 2 days. The mailing address is just my name and the town I live in... How the hell are they supposed to deliver a package to me with just my name and town?... They have all the correct info online and yet their total incompetence is really irritating me. I will never buy another digital product from barnes and noble again and encourage everyone else to do the same. Bad bad bad and incompetent customer service.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - shipping/service

I placed an order for an item that states it "usually ships within 24 hours. " that was on 1/5. I get an email confirming everything, saying it will ship on 1/6. When I received no confirmation of shipping or email telling me of a problem I called the company and was told that the item had already shipped. They had no excuse for why the website wouldn't update. The next morning (1/6) I receive an email telling me my order has been delayed and will not ship until 1/7. I called them again (Waiting on hold for 60 minutes (Hands free is great) no less) and they gave me a tracking number and once again told me the item shipped. Mid-afternoon on 1/7 I receive an email telling me that my item has just now shipped and I receive a tracking number. The customer service department tells people whatever they can to get them off the phone and avoid a problem. I was lied to multiple times and I will take my business elsewhere. We have a local bn store and I will patron a locally owned bookstore where items can be ordered in. I ended up having to purchase another item as this was a gift for a friend's birthday. The expected arrival is 1/12, 7 days after I purchased the item. When I tried to cancel the order I was told that it was too late, the item had shipped. Except that I was lied to because I received an email on a later date telling me the item was shipped. I am done with this company and wish bankruptcy on them for their loss of focus on who pays their bills (The consumers, in case someone from bn management is reading this).


I am plagued with a similar bad experience with Barnes and Noble rotten customer service.

I use Internet a lot for shopping and this is the first time in 10 years that service is so bad. I had no previous problems with companies like, LLBeans, B&H Photo Video, and the like. Everything go smooth.

I'm used to receiving the stuff I order over the Internet after 2-4 business days, which is very good, considering I live in Quebec, and all of those companies are American. They all ship their packages through either UPS, FedEx, or Purolator. Service is first class. We are supplied with a tracking number, allowing us to know where is the package at any time. BARNES AND NOBLE SUPPLIES USELESS TRACKING NUMBERS!!!

I tought BARNES AND NOBLE was a respectable company and decided to give them a try. I was wrong.

After more than a month now, I still did not receive my book! However, you can be confident that my credit card have been charged. I was ripped off. BARNES AND NOBLE is trying to steal me 45$. I contacted customer service many times, either by email, phone, or chat, only to be told that it was not their problem, as their responsibility was limited to shipping the book, and they assured me that they did, although I don't believe them, as tracking number corresponds to nothing.

You can be sure that I won't leave a penny to those crooks. I will fight back. Fortunately, I paid by credit card, so a chargeback request is on it's way. This is a hassle, as it may take 90 days before I get my money back. Besides, this is lots of red tape. But be sure that BARNES AND NOBLE won't have the last word onto this one.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - gift card fraud

I was given a gift card to barnes and noble for christmas. I used the card online to buy some books. I tried to use my account, but they required a credit card, so I used a guest account. The site read that I had more then double the amount I was trying to use on my gift card. Later, I get an email saying that my card was denied. I check my balance for a second time, and lo and behold, it is $0!!! I get on the phone with them and wait an hour and a half before hanging up. I tried the next day with the same results. I have sent them 3 emails in the week following this, and made multiple calls, all to no avail. They have the worst customer service ever. As far as i'm concerned, they are a bunch of thieves who don't care about their customers at all! I will never purchase anything from them again!

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - customer service

It took me three employees, three lines, one manager, 45 mins on the phone with customer service, just to do one exchange!!! I did not want refund, just an exchange. Barnes and noble was still going...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - false advertising, late shippment, no shippment, incompetent staff

I have purchased many books from barnes & noble at their local store. I had never ordered online, but I received a gift card during the holiday season and figured it would be easier to purchase item...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - gift card issues

Got a gift card for Christmas to B&, and I wanted to download some ebooks. I was little uncomfortable that, in order to register for an online account, I had to submit a credit card. I only intended to use the amount on the gift card, and I didn't want my credit card to be 'accidentally' charged. But I got over my misgivings because, hey, Barnes & Noble is a reputable company, right? Except when I purchased my books, two of the five I ordered were billed to the credit card instead of being deducted from the gift card. This despite the fact that there was more than enough on the card to make the other two purchases.

So I emailed customer service. Got a 'hey, sorry, we're really busy but check out our FAQs!' reply. Gee, thanks. So I emailed them again. This time, not even a 'hey, sorry' email. So now I guess I'll have to call them. I hope they have nice hold music, since I'll probably be spending a while listening to it tonight.

We had a similar situation just last week. My mother-in-law purchased four Nooks, one for each of her four grandsons. My son received it for his 14th birthday in August. He also received a $20 gift card from his Aunt so that he could download nookbooks. I uploaded the card into our account a few days later. It was there as of mid-October. In the meantime, my son downloaded a number of free titles and had not tried to use the card. Last week he was going to use it. Similar to your experience, the balance showed zero! I contacted Customer Service and they were of no help. They had a record of every free download but no record of the gift card registration. We did not keep the original card either so we too made a $20 donation to B&N. They are total thieves. I even asked Customer Service if anyone else ever called w/a similar problem and they said no. I was the first to ever have this happen. Found that extremely hard to believe.

I also received a gift card for Christmas and had no problem creating an account because I have an e-reader and intended on purchasing books in the future. So I loaded the gift card on my account and the $20 balance showed. In the meantime I had purchased books, expecting the price to deduct from the balance of my card. All of them have been charged to my checking account and on my B&N account I am showing a $0 balance on my gift card. In fact I called customer service and they have no record of the gift card ever being loaded onto my account. Since I saw the $20 balance showing on my account after loading it up, I naturally discarded the gift card. So I have no information "proving" that I actually had one to begin with. I am very disappointed that I made a charitable $20 donation to a multi-million dollar mega corporation while I struggle everyday with my young family of 5. At least I can rest easy at night knowing that their bank accounts are exploding at our expense with nothing in return aside from and ever increasing distrust in the deceptive business markets of the world. Thank you. Justice is always and inevitably served.

Same problem here. Bought 2 books, both went on my debit card. Just bought a $.99 book a few days ago to check out the issue. Downloaded instantly no problem, but money not deducted from gift card yet OR showing up on bank statement. I also emailed them and got the laim instant reply back. I refuse to sit on hold for customer service who most likely will not be able to help. I guess since I can't return the gift card I will have to use it for something there which I'm really not happy about. In the future I will buy my ebooks from Sony's website, since you are able to put them on your nook.

My teenager wanted to buy eBooks with her B&N gift card, but we too were not comfortable having to give our credit card info for her to buy books with her gift card. After reading multiple complaints like this I'm glad we didn't. We spent hour + on the phone with B&N to get a work around and the best solution we have come up is to return the gift cards (which we have to have receipt to do) and use the $$ to buy her Amazon gift cards.

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