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The ceo bankwest
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Perth, wa, 6000

Date: 22 november 2017

Dear mr munchenberg

Re: complaint and request for remibursement: international transfer of funds

Executive summary:
• bankwest was requested during the course of 2017 to make 4 international transfers from my bankwest bank account to the same beneficiary in each case namely:
1. 20/03/2017 - us$ 1, 620 (Aud919.99) - bwa ref no [protected]
2. 05/04/2017 - $usd 1620.00 (Aud2251.25) - bwa [protected]
3. 27/06/2017 - usd 2400.00 (Aud3332.87) - bwa 329951365rn, and
4. 23/08/2017 - us$1, 175 ($aud1560.63) - bwa ref no [protected]
• identical instructions were provided for all 4 transactions however the final 4th payment did not take place.
• after fruitless attempts to obtain an answer from your international money transfer division I have been forced to make an additional payment to the said beneficiary in zimbabwe. If I did not make this payment I would have forfeited the first 3 payments for a holiday that has been booked.
• I was informed by a bankwest representative that "all they can do is make contact with their representative" hence it is necessary for me to make a complaint and request/ demand reimbursement.
• I have suffered a loss of us$1, 175 ($aud1, 560.63) which I do hereby request and demand from bankwest and as such submitted as a complaint for resolution.
• in addition as a customer with bankwest for 14 years this horrendous experience has questioned whether I should seek another banking relationship.

I would appreciate it if this could be investigated as soon as possible and if this matter cannot be resolved satisfactorily I will submit this complaint through to the financial ombudsman service (Fos).

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Robert john childs and dr. Maria graca nunes
26 bantry bend
Mindarie, wa, 6030
Contact number: 08 [protected] (Home)
08 [protected] (Work)
Email address: [protected] Au

Chronological detail of all discussions/ transactions that took place:
• on the 23/08/2017 I carried out an international money transfer of $usd 1, 175 or $aud 1, 560.63 via the bankwest online banking facility (Bwa ref [protected]) to pay an account received from enstack tours t/a sengwa safaris, kariba, zimbabwe, for an upcoming vacation in early january 2018. Transfer fees and conversion fees were paid to bankwest. This money is due 6 weeks before the vacation commences. Vacation is due to commence 5/01/2018.
• on 3 previous occasions earlier this year, similar payments through bankwest, were made to the same recipient, same bank account, received and were therefore successful. These transactions were:
1. Bwa316070986, $usd 675.00 (Aud 919.99) 20/03/2017
2. Bwa [protected] $usd 1, 620.00 (Aud 2, 251.25) 5/04/2017
3. Bwa 329951365rn $usd 2400.00 (Aud 3, 332.87) 27/06/2017
• in early september 2017, mr. Ngapoko tuoro (Bankwest imt department) e-mailed me requesting details of invoice for this payment and also names, dates of birth and addresses of all the people involved with the holiday. I immediately e-mailed him the information he requested.
• on the 29/09/2017 the recipient in zimbabwe (Mrs maureen edkins, enstack tours t/a sengwa safaris) advised me that the funds had not as yet, been deposited into their bank account.
• on the 29/09/2017 after finding out that these funds had still not been received, I immediately contacted bankwest imt, advising that the funds had not been received by the recipient in zimbabwe. The recipient spoke to her banker (Mr. Kingson juma) from the cbz bank who advised that I should contact my bank and institute a trace on this money.
• on the 29/09/2017 bankwest (Mr ronnie carwardine from imt) advised me that for a fee of $25 they would have 3 attempts to try to trace the funds. I applied and paid for this service.
• on the 13/10/2017 after enquiring, bankwest (Mr ronnie carwardine) responded and advised that they have/ their correspondent banks had no response from the beneficiary bank cbz bank in zimbabwe. Bankwest would send another request.
• I then took it upon myself and contacted the cbz bank zimbabwe. Mr kevin kampila from cbz advised me that the funds have not been received as yet and advised me to speak to bankwest to find out correspondent banks details. On the 16/10/2017 cbz zimbabwe advised me to request an mt103 swift doc and details so they could attempt to check from their end in zimbabwe. Bankwest e-mailed me the details which I forwarded to cbz zimbabwe.
• on 19/10/2017, mr. Kevin kampila cbz bank e-mailed me, explained that funds had not been received and that the bank of china, their correspondent bank "seems omitted". I passed on this e-mail to bankwest.
• on 23/10/2017 mr tat - yiew chiam from bankwest sent me an e-mail explaining that they had no reply from bankwest's correspondent bank.
• 03/11/02017 bankwest advised me the beneficiary bank - cbz zimbabwe - has not provided them/ their correspondent bank with a response and that they had closed the case.
• on 6/11/2017 I advised bankwest that I managed to contact cbz zimbabwe (Mr kingson juma) without any problem and cbz zimbabwe requested the name of the correspondent bank, bankwest had sent the funds to. Bankwest (Mr ngapoko tuoro) replied and advised that they sent the money to bank of new york mellon who sent it onto citibank us.
• on 6/11/2017 I contacted cbz zimbabwe (Mr kingson juma) who advised me that citibank us is not the cbz zimbabwe correspondent bank - they do not have accounts with either bank of new york mellon or citibank us - their correspondent bank is bank of china and they forwarded me the bank of china account details which, in turn, I forwarded onto bankwest. Cbz bank, zimbabwe (Mr kingson juma) commented in an e-mail that it would impossible to have received a transfer from citibank us as they do not have an account with this bank. I therefore requested that bankwest please contact citibank us to trace the funds and provide transaction details including date, reference and amount so that the cbz bank could at least attempt to trace. I also suggested, as suggested by cbz zimbabwe, for bankwest to possibly telephone citibank us.
• on 7/11/2017 bankwest (Mr sam macgregor) then advised me that the correspondent bank/s are not obligated to provide this required information however they are hoping to assist in tracing the exact whereabouts of my funds. When (Or if) they respond they will provide this information to me so I can get the beneficiary to liaise direct with their bank. I was also informed that it is not possible for the bank to telephone another bank so as to not breach privacy laws. He requested details of successful transfers earlier this year. I immediately sent an e-mail with these details.
• to date 22/11/2017, I have as yet not received any further communication from bankwest imt. I attempted to e-mail imt bankwest (+copied in mr macgregor) on 18/11/2017 and have had no success with a reply to my e-mail which requested an update/ follow up, regarding details of transfer requested in email dated 7/11/2017.
• in the meantime on 17/11/2017, I have had to duplicate this payment so as to not jeopardise my entire family holiday and lose all the monies already transferred. I have therefore transferred yet another $usd 1, 175 to this recipient. I carried this out by means of another source as I did not want a repeat of this terrible experience.
• in the light of the above set of circumstances I wish to make the following complaints:
O the service from bankwest has been unacceptable:
 bankwest is very difficult to deal with as I have to deal with a different person each time I phone and explain my problem.
 I was advised that I would be contacted and this never took place. As the customer I have to make contact each and every time.
 the imf department cannot be contacted directly by phone; only via e-mail and I had to follow up on numerous occasions as nobody ever got back to me.
O as a result I was forced to make contact myself with cbz who were prompt in responding and they gave advice and requested the information regarding the transfer. I was told by bankwest that the correspondent banks are not obligated to respond to queries regarding this transfer.
O as a medical professional (I am not a banker), and having paid the bank a service fee for the imt transfer and the bank has received the foreign exchange margin spread on the transfers, it is my expectation that bankwest would follow up on this query.
O I have been with bankwest for 14 years and this horrendous experience has had me question whether I should remain a client of bankwest.
O as a result of the above I am out of pocket in the amount of $usd1, 175 or $aud1, 560 which I believe should be reimbursed.

Nov 23, 2017

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