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This company got into the Michigan Works Talent Bank after they had been RED FLAGGED and DEACTIVATED by the State of Michigan Talent Bank due to numerous complaints about interviewing, hiring, illegal employment practices, and scams pulled on their senior citizens insurance policies. Bankers Life and Casualty is getting informati0n about job seekers getting into the Talent Bank somehow and are being investigated as I write this. BEWARE! I responded 2x by email, 1x by voicemail to cancel my interview and never contact me again.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Kalamazoo, MIThe Michigan Talent Bank told me DO NOT GO TO THAT INTERVIEW! This company still called me to remind me to come to interview and I again told them I was not coming and to never contact me again. The Talent Bank told me they WILL find out how Bankers Life and Casualty is getting confidential information on Michigan job seekers when they have been denied access to the site, calling on the Attorney General's Office to stop them if necessary. DO NOT accept interviews, HANG UP on them...Report them if you are on a Talent Bank sytem.

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  • Sp
      Nov 27, 2010

    bankers is a great company to workfor. it is absolutely not a scam. they offer product our seniors need. Working for this company changed my life.

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  • Sp
      Nov 27, 2010

    Bankers is a great company to work for. It has changed my life. The company offers products our seniors need. I believe in every product they offer wholeheartedly and have recommended them to my own parents. Those of you posting negative comments about working for this company are lazy and were unsuccessful because you did not put the work in that is required. Nothing is handed to you. Bankers offers a great career while helping the most vulnerable, our seniors! I was taught from the first day of trianing that the senior population is too be respected and that they are responsible for making our Nation as great as it. anyone who says differently is lying.

    Bankers has the best., I will say it again, the best commission rate in the industry. That is how they attract quality individuals. The company wants winners. Winners expect to be paid more for their efforts. Obviously you have not been employed in the insurance industry before. What other company rewards effort, compliance, and personality more. What other career could you be in, where having a Master's degree or High School diploma matters little. All that matters is that you have a passion for helping seniors and doing the right thing!!!

    Someone at work told me these comments were being posted about BANKERS. I read some of them and then went to bed; however, I could not sleep thinking about what was being said. These are LIES. I was also scared and had never even considered a career in commission sales never mind insurance. Let’s face it insurance salespeople have TERRIBLE REPUTATION. I can tell you this; I made it very clear I would never be a car salesman to my Manager. He assured me I would never be expected to act like a "sales person" and I never have, not one day. I have made A FANTASTIC LIVING WORKING FOR BANKERS and have never questioned my ethics which is more than I can say for another company I have worked for. And I can honestly swear that I have worked for a few companies in the past that have influence every one of your lives. I would say to him that if he has a passion to help seniors and he is dedicated to making himself a success he should go for it. It takes very hard work, self discipline and trust in one’s self. Yes it is slow to begin with which can make or break a new agent. I can't even tell you how scared I was or how little I knew of the Company, but I saw the passion in my Managers and co-workers eyes and I knew I had finally found my place. I go to bed every night feeling great knowing I helped a member of my community. I love the elderly and for me there is no greater reward; however, I have always been a single mom and now I can finally support my child by myself. It no longer matters whether my ex pays child support. Thanks to Bankers I can do it on my own. I have a Master’s degree and know what it is like to struggle and thanks to Bankers and my hard work and passion it has finally paid off. If he is passionate about what he is doing, works hard and does not give up he and his family will be rewarded. I make more money than I ever thought possible while doing a great service. What more could you want!!!

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  • Rw
      Apr 04, 2011

    Spooky you don't get out much. Bankers has THEE worst commission rate in the industry and they have poor quality products. I'm glad you're making a good living, but you cannot be making a fantastic living be cause we all know what Bankers pays and how their products keep getting replaced with other companies that offer better coverage and much lower rates. It's a fact plain and simple. I've hired many Bankers agents who cannot believe how much better they are doing with other companies.

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  • Ca
      Apr 28, 2012

    I was asked to come to an interview with Bankers. I have never done commission sales, and I'm sure it will be slow at first but is this company really fraudulent? I have a decent job with benefits just looking for a change, I need a career where I can get paid to do what I love which is helping people. /CONFUSED/

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