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January 2014 I applied for a home loan modification with Bank Of America to try to get my mortgage payments lowered. I got behind on my bills and I knew I would NOT qualify to refinance. They had me fax, mail, and fax documents while the entire time they were assuring me that things look "really good"..I am disabled and I have a teenage child who also receives social security because of my disability. When I first applied for my mortgage they used my daughters income and now that I am trying to modify my loan they are telling me that they CANNOT use her income. They want to do a Short Sale. THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!! I am NOT behind on any mortgage payments and don't plan on it. They suggested for me to stop making payments for 2 months then it would be possible to get the modification approved. WHY? Why should I take the chance of not paying my mortgage payments and losing my HOME? We have NOWHERE else to go!! I have NO other family!! I think the Bank of America home loan modification process is a TOTAL SCAM!! Is there anyone out there that can help us? I REFUSE to let BOA win!!!

Apr 20, 2014
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      4th of Jun, 2014

    I get the impression that they think they are above the laws and they pick and chose whom to help! I contacted a representative.. I don't remember which one because I have contacted so many., But the person I spoke to about BOA actually said that she gets the impression that I am being targeted.. "INTERESTING"!! I have done everything requested from BOA for the modification and yet they denied me! I am wondering if they are Mafia oriented? (Just a thought!) I'm sure the President/CEO Mr. Brian T. Moynihan goes home to a NICE HUGH HOUSE that is already paid for BY US (POOR BOA CUSTOMERS) laughing himself to sleep every night saying "SUCKERS"... Well I will NOT go down WITHOUT a fight!! I AM a proud homeowner and I plan on keeping it that way!!!

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      27th of Jun, 2014

    SATISFACTION!!! BOA has approved my home loan modification! It has been a VERY long and stressful process but, in the long run it was actually worth it! My advice to everyone that is trying to do a home loan modification.. DON'T GIVE UP!! BOA has their guidelines, but they (Marc Meyers) has worked with me daily to get this process accomplished! I'm NOT saying BOA is perfect.. But what mortgage company is? I LOVE our home and I plan on this being MY final home!
    Anyone that is in the process of a home loan modification with BOA work with them and give them a chance!!

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