Bank Of America / property stealers

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gov. baracked, misguided me in the forclosure, locked me out of my home, took possion of my property without an eviction notice, lied to me, gave me the run around. Will 1, 920, 000 hit on boa complaints with multiple pages og complaints that would total in the billions> why in the hell can we all not come together and file a class action suit againt one of the biggest crooks in business> Proof available

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  • Me
      Feb 03, 2010

    I am currently experiencing the same problems posted. I have been trying to have my mortgage issues addressed and have tried countless times to reach an agreement. It only seems as though BOA is interested in nothing more than seeing how many families they can displace. They make no effort to contact me, I have initiated all contact. I was not informed that they purchased my loan from my original lender until the payment was two months in the rear. Since then I have had no luck in coming to a reasonable aggreement with these people have been met with nothing more than poor customer service demonstrating no concern and major attitudes as if I was robbing these people. We are in review process but after reading all the posts from several different sites it seems as though my efforts will bare no fruit. I will be contacting the media and have already contacted representatives in D.C. Class action law suit only seems fitting.

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