Banfieldspoor treatment of my dog


I brought my Japanese Chin in yesterday during the wellness hours to have his blood drawn for heartworm testing. The vet tech held my dogs neck and his little body to try and hold him down while the vet took a needle and stabbed his leg. She did not seem to know how hold my dog down. My dog (who is gentle and never shawn any aggression in the three years of his life) started to hiss and nip the air showing signs of great fear and distress. The vet jabbed his little leg and he yelped in pain. It was a terrible sight that still haunts me. I called my regular vet today to inquire how they handle taking blood from little dogs and they told me that they take the blood from their neck and two to three techs hold the dog. I am so sorry that I went to Banfields to save the 60.00 for the office visit to a regular vet. I learned my lesson. I will never go to Banfields again. I am going to call the store and complain to the manager. And the vet at Banfields had the nerve, arrogance, and ignorance to tell me that my dog behaved this way because I was in the room and he was trying to get me to feel bad for him. I feel so sad for the poor helpless animals who cannot defend themselves and find themselves in the hands of incompetent vets like the one I met yesterday.

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