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I started taking my dog to Banfield in March, she had severely swollen paws and her ear canals were nearly swollen shut. The immediately started her on Prednisone (must be their favorite drug) They never told me of the hazards of using this drug on my dog. Even vaccinating her while taking it HUGE NO NO since it effects their immune system.

My dog was never fully diagnosed by them. They began to just prescribe anything and everything for her bleeding me dry financially with no relief to my dog! When I started questioning them about their care and the way they were treating my dog is when it came to this... About 4 wks ago I get a phone call saying I can give her some over the counter pain medicine to help relieve her some.

So I called back last week to ask what it was. (since the first phone call they added a 'morphine' type drug to her prescription list which I refused to fill). So when I called back they said there wasn't any over the counter meds I could give her but I could come in and fill the prescription. I told them it seemed funny 3 wks ago the dog in the same condition taking the same meds could take something but now that this prescription was in there she can't???

Well a few days later they called to give me some of her test results and said they were paying off her wellness plan and discharging her as a patient because I was irate on the phone and hung up on the Vet.
I was not irate on the phone I was irritated yes but never yelled or raised my voice. The Vet actually hung up on me, not vice versa!

They just want your money they don't care about your animal. Nor are they treating in a correct manor to get results.

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  • Mo
      18th of May, 2011
    Banfield - variety of doctors
    Banfield Vet Clinic
    Chesterfield Township
    United States

    When I signed up at your clinic I was told in advance that there was going to be one vet - so far there has been at least 10 there now I told there are two new ones and they want to do all these test on my dogs again. It seems like everytime you get a vet in your offices they want to do extensive work on the dogs that have been coming there for years (read the charts for gods sakes). I have an 2 elderly dogs and all they want to do is put them threw test that will cost me money (not them) and tell me what they want to happen to the dog (More money). I have already been threw this with the first vet there which caused nerve damage to my dogs leg and now it's to late to fix it and I fought with him about it (Cost me $600 to fine out nothing could be done from another vet). Then Dr White wanted to put them threw the test again I said fine but was not happy (Cost me even more money). I even had a friend who's dog went there 6 months ago and almost died because of the vet did she now takes her somewhere else and the dog looks great (Cost her $4, 000 and your doctors saying it was not there fault). I don't know who you hire but a better back ground check should be done along with some compassion and understanding of the owners. I have sent lots of people to your clinic only to hear horror stories from them I'm beginning to understand what they are saying

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  • Ba
      1st of Oct, 2011

    My daughter worked at Banfield as vet. They are one of the worst employers in the country. Its all money driven and the heck with the doctors and customers. They treat their vets like dirt, and do nothing but push them to do unnecessary tests. If they don't they threaten to fire them. Most of the vets work 12 to 14 hour days and get padi for 8. Cheap, cheap cheap - they are the worst - DON'T BLAME THE DOCTORS.

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  • Tx
      26th of May, 2013
    Banfield - poor care for dog
    Banfield Pet Hospital
    United States

    Banfield is by far the worst vet I have ever been to. The wellness plans are a total sham - every visit, I've had to fight to get the vet to perform the most routine tests that are promised in the plan and even then, they find loopholes to charge you... They charge several times the regular rate for meds ect. so you end up paying for that you would have if you'd gone to a reputable vet. All of the doctors at Banfield are inexperienced and incompetent. They are clearly only concerned about getting as much money from you as possible. I worked at a vet for over 5 years and know a little bit about what a good vet should do. I recently took my Great Dane into Banfield in Palm Coast and paid a lot of money for a complete senior wellness exam with a full CBC blood panel screen. The vet barely looked at my dog and did not even notice 5 large lipomas until after I pointed them out to her. She spent LESS THAN 3 minutes examining my dog! She did not ask to review his records nor did she carefully listen to heart and lung function. It was very clear to me the whole exam what just a sham to get money and she did not care at all about my dog's health. She seemed annoyed that I asked questions and did not have informed answers for any of them. They supposedly did a full CBC panel which (miraculously) came back in about 5 min. However, they did not give me the results and when I came back it to pick them up, I noticed there was an abnormally low level platelet count (148) The doctor had not even noticed it until I pointed it out and then made excused saying it was "normal" A reputable vet would have ordered a manual check of this to confirm. A low level platelet count can be very serious. I now have to go to another vet to have this checked. The CBC panel itself was not nearly as inclusive as most panels done at regular vets.. yet they charged me 3x what most vets charge! I told her about my dogs cognitive decline and the doctor said she had never heard of Anipryl which is the most commonly diagnosed prescription med for this... nor did she know about choline or Cholodin; which are the most commonly used supplements for canine cognitive decline! Remarkably uniformed! She did not seem to care at all and did nothing to check him for this... She also said no adults canines can get ear mites which is a lie. She pretended to briefly look into his ears.. (this is not the way to check for mites.. you have to take a swab at look under a microscope) When I worked at the vet, I personally treated at least 30 adults dogs for ear mites. Finally, they charged me twice what they originally quoted for Rimadyl and only gave me 10 days worth with no refills!!! I had to go back in to get the Rimadyl because the vet forgot to add it during the first visit! When I finally got it... It did not have the full amount and most of the pieces were broken up. Two years ago, when I took my Great Dane into Banfield on the "platinum plan" for a complete yearly exam and screen... they left him in a small cage all day long and when I picked him up after work - 9 hours later, he could barely walk and had feces and urine all over him! They told me they did not do anything for him that day.. no tests.. NOTHING! They had forgotten he was there! The doctor refused t come out and talk to me and they even tried to charge me for that! They also gave him 6 month supply of bad heartworm med that was recalled! They did not want to reimburse me nor did they apologize for their incompetence. If you care at all about your pets, I would avoid this place at all costs! You are going to get much better care going to a real vet.

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