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Banfield Pet Hospital / pets are treated like cr*p

1 17500 southcenter pkyTukwila, WA, United States Review updated:
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I am a past employee of Banfield, the Pet hospital located in Tukwila. This location is ran by Kris Ann Fazio DVM, who I feel is one of the most incompetent, uncaring persons ever to become a Vet. It is hard to imagine how or why she became a vet, as she only cares about how much money she can squeeze out of the trusting client that comes into the hospital. Pets are certainly not treated like family, even though some of the team members try to provide care but are generally not allowed to do much for their comfort or care. The sick and well pets are all held in a crowded, noisy, and often unclean "back room" of the hospital . Whether they need it or not, pets are subjected to numerous lab tests and these are being performed by undertained and unlicensed pet nurses. Many of these pet nurses have no training in pet care of any kind, and no medical training. Team members are well aware that it is not the well being of the pet that is the focus, but rather or not the client can pay for the services. Dr Fazio has many rules and protocols designed to collect more money from the client, and team members are punished harshly for not following these rules. The huge number of complaints fall on deaf ears as the Corporate office only hears what Dr Fazio tells them and clients are ignored. Dr Fazio will not even talk to the clients instead making team members take the abuse from very angry clients. Do NOT go to this hospital!!! Pets are treated like crap here and people are too!!!

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      1st of Dec, 2008
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    Wow... disgruntled (former) employees are really bitter sometimes. I currently work at this Banfield location and am here to tell you that you could not find a more caring team of people to care for your Pet. Do you really want to believe the comments of someone who obviously was unhappy in their job (so they either got fired or left), who cannot spell and unfortunately has no grasp of grammar and the English language? I think not. Banfield in Tukwila is a caring, compassionate hospital that will offer you, as a client, excellent service, and will offer your Pet excellent care. I've been on staff there since before Dr. Fazio took over the hospital, and I can tell you that it is 110% better than it was when the person that wrote this horrible review was there, and it is truly a great place to bring your Pet.

  • Bi
      14th of Apr, 2009
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    It's hard to say, really. As a pet owner who does allow for Banfield to service his pets needs... it's hard
    to gauge whether or not they are doing a good job (e.g. don't get to see what exactly is being done to
    my canine because i'm not there to see it).

    But the way my pet reacts as we pull into the store... she mortified and refuses to be brought into the
    Petco location (where the Banfield institution rests).

    This has to be some type of indication that, "hey, as a dog, i don't like this place and how they treat me
    here. Don't bring me back in!"

    So what else do i do?

    Some times, i feel that there are additional charges to the final check-up bill that i feel should have
    been included in her insurance plan. Of course, BANfield can charge whatever they please because the
    typical dog-owner will do what they can to keep their pets as healthy as possible. Banfield knows this
    and will most likely... take advantage of us - a business is a business, now matter how friendly they
    seem on the outside.



    With that said... Banfield is more of a ripoff than anything and my dog doesn't like returning to the place.
    Even if we're simply there to purchase toys, food, diaper pads, etc. Her experiences, i believe, have been
    less than fruitful and exhilarating.


    A Tukwila customer who feels like he's being financially raped by Banfield.

    Mr. Binye-To-The

    p.s. It's unfortunate that they don't sell any "happy" fishes there.


  • T0
      19th of Jan, 2011
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    CURRENT employee at Banfiled SHOULDN'T attack someone's grammar and spelling when he/she CAPITALIZES the P in Pet mid-sentence. Just sayin'

  • La
      14th of Nov, 2011
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    November 2, 2010 I took my beloved Tigger to Banfield Pet Hospital thinking it was a good place to take my little chihuahua and it was free for first time customers. Tigger was feeling lethargic and I asked could it be his teeth and the Dr. ? (Asian male) said that was the problelm. Cleaning his teeth and extractions cost me $930. Still after several months Tigger still did not feel well and on July 9th he passed away of acute Kidney Failure. This was the problem all along. I trusted Banfield, and had they taken a blood draw and x-ray he would have still been with me alive. I took him to Lien Animal Clinic and Highline Hospital in Seattle and both were fabulous, but it was too late. I hate Banfield never ever take your loving pet there.

  • Ba
      21st of Nov, 2011
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    @Laura Molina- First of all we want to say how sorry we are for the loss of Tigger. We understand how hard it can be to lose a pet and our hearts go out to you during this time. We apologize if one of our hospitals has left you feeling this way. We are currently unaware of this situation and urge you to call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 so we can gather more information and address your specific concerns.

  • Ma
      28th of Jan, 2013
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    Banfield Pet Hospital of HORRORS should be the name out there online!! This OBSCENE corporation kills/maims animals and rapes wallets!! PEOPLE READ ONLINE ABOUT THIS OBSCENE CORPORATION!! This corporation is owned by Mars Candy Corporation. John F. Mars is worth $13.8 BILLION DOLLARS KILLING AND MAIMING PETS AND RAPING PEOPLES BANK ACCOUNTS!! [censored] CORPORATION!!

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