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Banfield Pet Hospital / my pet was never laid to rest

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My 71/2 month old puppy was tragically hit by a car. I was a patient at Banfield pet Hospital in Paramus NJ. I brought my new dog Otis to his first vet appointment at the Banfield vet I used for Angus. I went and he was so good while they were examining him. I had my children with me and the vet assistant asked if I would have the children step out of the room so I said o.k. sure… they leave and she looks at me and says before we proceed with Otis you need to finish up the procedure with Angus… we still have him in the back and we need to know what you want to do and pay for it. I SAID WHAT???? You still have him here. I told you what I wanted… I am so upset I picked up Otis and left. I later spoke to the head Vet and she screamed at me stating she needed a signature. I then went to the head medical doctor for Banfield and told them what happened. I am so appalled by there handling of this and so upset for Angus that he has been overlooked like he is nothing!!! This Vet has no regard for Pets lives unless they are living and she is making money. Think twice before using Banefield and Dr Frezzo!!!

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  • Su
      28th of May, 2009
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    I'm sorry, but what kind of time frame are we talking about here? There's no way that they are going to just leave a dying dog sitting in the back, especially since there is no over-night care and all pets need to be gone by the end of the day. You would have had to sign a euthanasia form and then be given the option of what to do with the remains before you left for the day, they don't just take your animals and you walk away. I call total BS on this story.

  • Hi
      20th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    One of the most confusing messages I have ever read! You talk about Otis in one line then mysteriously Angus pops into the story! I don't believe both the DR. And receptionist just out of nowhere challenged you and were rude for nothing? You write like a child which indicates a lack of judgement which infers that you're irresponsible and probably haven't paid your bills in the past and the DR. And receptionist picked up on this? My suggestion to you is to get on the " Wellness Plan" this would show the hospital that you're responsible and care enough about your pet !! Sorry but this is the way I see it.

  • Hi
      15th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Oh theres the way to sell a wellness plan. Gotta love when Banfield Employees hop on and pretend to be clients. 1st off. I am sure the Pet was already deceased and was kept in their freezer. Being a former employee I can attest to this. because we did not have a signature a pet was left in the freezer for 2 months. the other they had just plain forgotten to make arrangements to have the body picked up. it is a sad practice when they have absolutely no respect for the client or their pet. And to sit there and accuse someone of "writing like a child" makes you seem all the more insensitive and if i may put it..stupid. also it is not true that pets can not stay overnight. with written consent it is allowed, as well as cats that have been declawed. I think the people that work for this company are ill- educated and heartless. Kristine..stay away from their wellness plan.. they are just trying to lock you into paying them for a year, before they renew your contract without consent and charge you for cancellations.

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