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Banfield Pet Hospital / my puppy was killed

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In January 2007, I purchased a beautiful (and expensive) Shorkie pup from a wonderful breeder. I named her Suki (beloved in Japanese). She was so beautiful that everywhere I took her, people would stop me to tell me that they had never seen a more physically beautiful little dog. I waited a long time for her and she was my baby girl. I signed her up for the wellness program at Banfield almost immediately and was pleased. At the end of last June at 6 months old (and with NEVER a single health problem), I took her in to be spayed. The same vet who had ALWAYS taken care of her was off that day, so a different vet was assigned the surgery. During the surgery, she nicked Suki's spleen, which caused a tremendous amount of blood loss. I was not called and informed of this for at least 4 hours, and Suki had gone into shock. When finally, I was called, I arrived to find her barely breathing, and unresponsive. I was sent home with her with the phone number of a 24 hour emergency clinic. Later that night, she died in my lap on the way to that clinic. Elise Casey at Banfield's in Birmingham, AL killed my Suki. The company settled with my attorney for the amount I paid for my puppy, and all medical expenses. Some justice, huh?

I don't hold Banfield responsible for killing my dog, just Elise Case (may she rot in ***), BUT she is still employed there, and was never even reprimanded.

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  • Ba
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    Sorry to hear that this happend to ur dog, and i appreciate that u don't blame the whole practice for one dr's mistake.
    just to mention these mistakes happens even in emergency hospitals nad i have wittnessed a case where the dr's coverd the death of an animal on something else.

  • Su
      15th of Dec, 2009
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    I am so very sorry for your loss. I probably hear more horror stories about Banfield than any other place. Thank you for posting your story as I know it has probably saved other lives. I hope you filed a complaint with the state veterinary board about this "doctor."

    I too had a "Suki, " also a victim of veterinary malpractice (not at Banfield). I founded the Veterinary Abuse Network in her honor and memory, and for 10 years I have worked in the advocacy area of helping people hold vets accountable (it is basically an impossible task, as they are so well protected by state boards, political connections, and lot$ and lot$ of $$$$). We are making some small progress, mostly in the area of educating consumers as to what to look for (failure to notify a pet's owner, for example, when the animal is in crises is a HUGE red flag, as is the unavailability of the vet, shabby recordkeeping, lack of informed consent, etc.) and therefore hope to help them avoid bad vets.

    It's not surprising Banfield did nothing. I hear that all the time. The only thing to do is file a complaint, but the vet will likely get away with everything. BUT...I still tell people to file. It puts the vet on notice, forces them to put their lies in writing (which ALWAYS catch up with them later), and alerts the vet board that even if they don't do anything, they will recognize that name should they see it again.

    Again, so very sorry. I know how devastating this is, and while I am glad the insurance company acknowledged the loss, they too are paid to keep their sorry vets out of trouble as much as possible.

    Take care.

  • Ph
      26th of Jan, 2010
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    What do you mean, Banfield did nothing? They re-imbursed the price of the dog AND medical expenses.. Do you expect every veterinarian to get sacked when they make a mistake that is actually quite common?? At least they explained what happened and worked it out financially, which is more than a Dr will do. Human dies in surgery, surgeon gets paid. Surgeon still has a job. Yet you people think that a vet should go and work at Walmart..
    Why do you think vets are getting so friggin' crazy? They are expected to do everything, charge nothing for it and make no mistakes..

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