Banfieldruptured my cat's eardrum

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Never take your pet to banfield. Our cat was given an ear wash for what was prescribed to be an ear infection at the banfield in chandler, az. During the course of the ear wash treatment, which was very rough (In fact, our cat jumped and hissed for the first time in 11 years when the tech pushed the cotton ball way down into his ear), they ruptured his ear drum. Within a day, he was severely lethargic and would not eat. His head was shaking uncontrollably and he could not walk without falling. We had to rush him to an emergency hospital and he stayed there for four nights.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Chandler, AZOne month later, we are still having to syringe feed him, give him three medications and watch our perfectly healthy kitty (Before we took him to banfield) stumble when he walks and see his 45 degree head tilt to the right. He is unable to jump more than two feet without falling. We believe that he will eventually get better;however, it could take another month and his head may always tilt to the right. We complained to banfield and they say 'he had the condition when he came to see us" that is fact, during the course of his treatment at the emergency hospital we came to find out that he never even had an ear infection. Bad diagnosis;terrible treatment - do not go there

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  • N5
      Nov 23, 2009

    All theses symptoms for an ruptured eardrum, i dont think so... Your kitten had something wrong with him probably before you took him to Banfield... A ruptured ear drum eventually heals with proper care.

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  • Je
      May 19, 2010

    Dear n5541,

    You are wrong. All these signs indicate vestibular disease which is compatible with a ruptured ear drum. True, a straight rupture will heal on its own, but this is not the case.

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