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Banfield Animal Hospital Corporate offices & Clinic


breach of contract

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Banfield Animal Hospital Corporate Offices & Clinic
Culver City, California
United States
Banfiled explicitly violated the contractual terms of their Wellness Plan, that allows for 30 days notice before terminating service early. They also did this with no reason other than telling me "You're paying less than our services are worth". My dog was in crisis with an scheduled appointment within 24 hours and they refused to treat her, gave only referrals to an after hours ER clinic, that would have charged in the $1000's to treat a medication reaction she was having THAT THEY CAUSED and had zero concern for their legal obligations, let alone the welfare of my dog. They blamed every vet in the clinic (of which two ever saw my dog) and fabricated all kinds of treatments that never happened on her chart. These are absolutely the ### of vets and vet corporations who believe they can and until something is done, will continue to get away an obscene violation against animals, pet parents and cost effective vet care. iow, their 'concerned, cost effective' advertising is false and their staff committed only to protecting the company's bottom-line, not the patient, explaining a severe misdiagnosis of my dog. Completely incompetent and illegal on more levels than I can count. --- If you are using these boards to choose a vet, pllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, if you love your animal, avoid Banfield, at all costs - You will not have the corporate support when a problem arises, in the least, they don't refund, discuss, problem solve etc. AT ALL and continue to keep less than mediocre, angry vets staffed who are more afraid of losing their jobs than they are about you losing your pet. --- Optional attachment of proof requested is available to an actual class action attorney, only.
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A  31st of May, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I completly agree!!!
My daughter took her cat in to see about a a growth on his back.
She paid the for the office visit and was seen by the vet.
She gave Dave (the cat) an exam and did an estimate of the cost for having the growth removed.
She came back with an estimate of somewhere around 150.00.
She made an appt for 2 weeks later.
Banfield called her 3 days before his "surgery" and told her the vet who was going to do the procedure was no longer with them, and she would have to pay another office visit fee and have him re-evaluated by another vet!
She (not having time to look for another vet) said she would comeback for another estimate but wasnt going to pay for another fee.
They said the new vet needed to be paid for the visit.
After some back and forth, she agreed to pay 15.00 for the visit.
Long story short, the new vet came back with a new estimate of $600.00 plus with the wellness program, or 750.00 with out!!!
She showed them the origional estimate for 150.00 and they kept saying the other vet could not have done the surgery for that price and had to have made a huge mistake.
If she did, she sure didnt catch it when she explained the whole estimate to my daughter and me!
I wouldnt take a dump yard rat to them!
N  31st of May, 2011 by    -2 Votes
@ never again,
We came across your post here and would really like to opportunity to discuss your experience and situation with you. We were unable to locate your file based on the information provided here, but we'd like to look into this for you. Our Client Advocate Team is available by phone; the number is 877-500-2288. We hope your dog is doing well and, again, we hope we can help.
N  31st of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
To Banfield;

I spent days on the phone with "customer advocate team" and all you all did was hang up on me. You should have taken this seriously then. You think you're going to influence the barrage of complaints against your greedy, animal hating company now, then read all the posts against you.

You can't even being to make it up to me, now, except to fire everyone that works for you then fire yourself and leave the public and their animals in the hands of people who give a damn about more that corporate illegalities.

These boards will eventually - and I hope soon for everyone's sake but especially the sake of the helpless pets - lead to the dismantling, by every violation of the law Banfield has and continues to perpetuate against consumers, of Banfield.

You guys have been every reasonable opportunity and did nothing but waste my time and continue to risk my dog's life. Save your PC bs hopes for my dog for someone gullible enough to fall for it after the fact. You guys terminated with me - while my dog was in crisis. Where was your hope then? No, you can't undo what you did. The only thing you can do is go out of business. Then, I'll believe your hopes for animal welfare are real.

Do you even have a clue how many laws you have and continue to violate? Don't try to appease me to save yourselves from bad but real publicity. You earned every last complaint and that is all you earned.

DAYS! You did jack.

Just for the sake of everyone else, though, instead of your 877 can't get through to anyone, who won't do jack anyway, for hours, why don't you publish your name and extension #. Do you have something to hide - like trying to give people another run around? Afraid your phone won't stop ringing and you might have to set up a voicemail you don't listen to?

Then publish it and we'll all see how serious you really are. You've cut and pasted the same response to several people who see the legal ramifications. You don't care about anything but your job or prove it, here and now on these boards - for EVERYONE to see - but don't post your 877 # - it shows how little you can absorb about customer service when the complaint already cites issues with your corporate offices doing nothing.

If I'm wrong YOU prove it. I'm right like everyone else here and we'll have an attorney prove it outside of these boards and in court. Face it, we're talking thousands of complaints that are all eligible for financial damages. Banfield's paying without legal force? And, I'm an astronaut.

Anyone reading this, just ignore Banfield's post - they do this to stop conversations so no one gets together to make this happen in a class action lawsuit. If you want, post to the OP or we can start a group and get a national law firm and all get justice through the law.

Banfield is nothing more than a group of animal abusers taking your money under false, legal premises (for anyone not working with them - don't) and that demands legal actions (for all those injured by this company having you sign illegal documents and then intimidating you with back and forth nice then nasty to do nothing phone calls.

N  31st of May, 2011 by    0 Votes

Odd, isn't it? Banfield, hiding in obsurity, replies to me but not you?

They want to help me by looking for my file? Great. They misdiagnosed my dog and refused to treat her when she had a crisis reaction to the medication, canceling my appointment and they think the right answer in my file? These people don't get it.

And, yes, they quote way too high. They are full of trickery to make you spend more than you need to, agree to - the honor nothing but their own paychecks.

I can't believe they just overlooked your post, like your daughter and her cat and YOU don't exist!

They have to be stopped, PEOPLE! Too many similar complaints for anyone to be having "an isolated incident".

"I wouldnt take a dump yard rat to them!" - lol! True. Sad but, true.
N  31st of May, 2011 by    -1 Votes
@Banfield - the clock is ticking on your posting your name and extention #. You don't need my "missing" file at this point - post a rough estimate of what you consider fair and reasonable compensation for over 20 calls in response to hang ups, a gross misdiagnose of my dog, causing a medical reaction then denying care and breach of contract - if you really want to settle out of court, let's give everyone else some hope that you're sincere by doing this on boards where there are witnesses.

I don't believe you just 'came across' my post, but, I don't believe you care enough to respond to posts you post incomplete, insulting info to, either. The complaint is, in part referring to Banfield Corporate Offices. Why you would think I don't have either of the two numbers that connect to the same Banfield Corporate Office, is not a nicety but an insult to my intelligence and everyone else's who's already tried calling your corporate, got nowhere and posted here.

But, I'll give you enough leeway - have it out with me here. Let's let everyone see how prompt you are - it took you less than 18 hrs to "come across" my post. I am not holding my breath or is anyone else posting here to see how long it takes you to follow up on what you put in writing, here, either.

Anyone who wants to start a group or move complaints to a private forum and pursue a class action suit, please message me.

Banfield is unlikely to respond to everyone's complaints or any one individual complaint that involves compensation - only set you up for more double speak - because they have to see they would go under by compensating everyone. They also, are not likely to make costly adjustments to staff, education, diagnostics, etc. to become a competent vet and/or customer service team. That doesn't mean anyone should more for them than their own loss, let alone get involved with them - they opened the door but there's no law or binding contract that once a complaint is made, it continues to be their way or the highway or that I should be put in a situation of repeating my complaint through the same # that did nothing over 20x while I was trying to save my dog's life.
(and I had a few names and extention #'s then) --- They want to make it look like people complaining won't co-operate with them, when it's the other way around.

Let all of this prove it and anyone suing on their own, feel free to print this out and hand it to your attorney after 24-48hrs. You'll see how many times they say "we can't" and "call" IF they even bother to post back. Regardless, contractually speaking, they are already too late.
N  9th of Jun, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Dear Chatters McBabbles,

I don't even understand what the problem was by your rambling, mostly incomprehensible complaint.

Try harder next time to get your point across a little more eloquently.

That is all.
N  12th of Jun, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Dear Banfield Plants,


Whether you were addressing uuendyjo or the OP, if you don't now, you could find the most challenging career in animal abuse and consumer abuse of your lives, at any Banfield location.

Unfortunately, for you, you could also face fines and losses that exceed your IQ by at least 10, 000x your shoe size.

Wrong nation and time for animal abuse and violating consumer right without consequence though to grasp even that much is far above your pay grade.
N  12th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
11 days - no reply from Banfield's "caring", "compassionate", "customer service".

Avoid these a'holes AT ALL COSTS!
A  8th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
I feel bad for their busy staff, but that does not make me less pissed about them taking over 10 days to fill my dogs immune-suppressor for her allergies. They had an issue with my address... yet no one contacted me for over a week? 9 phone calls, 3 different people, and only 2 call backs later, I cancelled my script and will be sending my pet some where else. I called corp about another issue with my other dog, and just like everyone said, they sided with the vet. The vet was the only one who offered to help, when they tried to tell me I couldnt get my dog fixed under their "puppy plan" because he exceeded the age requirement. He was 8 mo old instead of 6, but when he was 6 months old, they said they couldnt operate on him due to his heart murmur. Once he was older, and it went away, they were going to charge me the full price to fix him. The vet was the only one that was helpful, but if I had not had raised hell, no one would have cared.
A  22nd of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
My experience with Banfield has also been quite unsatisfactory. EVERYtime you go in they push their Wellness Plan. If you don't buy their products they won't assist you in any way, shape or form. They belittle other vets and call 800 Ped Meds "not a reputable company". I have worked with 800 Pet Meds for many years and never had a complaint about their products, service or customer support. In this case it is definitely the pot calling the kettle black!
N  8th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
My experience with Banfield has been horrifying. My 8 lb Maltese was bitten by another dog; the initial examination was all about buying Banfield Insurance, they came into the examining room with 4 different prices. Didn't understand if I were there for my pet or my wallet. Surgery revealed a long lobe to be removed; another $700.00 and then my pet had to go to an overnight hospital for 2 days...another $700.00 .

I've got 2 calls into Banfield, in Columbia, SC...; to speak with a Doctor..NO PHONE CALL BACK.

PLEASE FIND A PRIVATE VET...THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF. no quality care for pets post-operative.

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