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I have a complaint about one of your employees named Christian Carpio. we are OFWs therefore it is crucial to always be clear, either in email or call. But communication with this guy was not pleasant at all. It was very hard to contact him through calling. Only under so many request by not only me but also my partner, did he finally give his contact to us. And when finally met face to face. He seemed uninterested and distracted when we are talking. He did not make any eye contact. Very unprofessional. Not to mention, he sends out documents forms that we need to submit last minute. Not only this, He sent out the wrong documents causing us to red ribbon and express mail out the documents the second time and costing us another 3000php to do it. Please speak to this individual. Thank you. Let this not happen to anyone else in the future.

Aug 16, 2018

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