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Banana Republic / 2 for the movies tickets

1 Fashion ValleySan Diego, CA, United States
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So my girlfriend and I were in Banana Republic and we intentionally bought enough ($75 dollars worth I believe) to where we received the "complimentary" movie tickets through Fandango. On the 30th of January (the day before they expired) we tried to use the ticket code on Fandango, only to be informed that it had already been used. On the ticket it says to contact Fandango if there are any issues. So I sent Fandango an email and we went to the movies anyway.

Fast Forward to February 9th when I receive this email:

"Thank you for your email and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by our delay in responding to your question.

Recently we have experienced a significantly higher call volume than usual. Due to this unpredictable increase in phone contacts we have been unable to get to your email sooner.

Unfortunately, you received a duplicated code. When Banana Republic purchased the codes from Fandango, they chose to have them printed on physical cards rather than distribute them by email. The company that printed the cards for Banana Republic double printed a batch of about 1, 000 cards.

When a company buys codes from Fandango, the purchasing company becomes solely responsible for the codes and their restrictions. Because of this, Fandango is unable to directly assist you.

Banana Republic is aware of this issue and has provided us with a phone number to direct their customers to so that they may offer compensation for the inconvenience. Please contact Banana Republic customer support at [protected]. All of the supervisors at Banana Republic are aware of this issue and are equipped to assist you; if you speak to an associate who is unaware of this issue, please ask for a supervisor.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

NOTE: Please do not click the reply button. Emails sent to this address are not read."

The brilliant thing about this email, which I received on the 9th, is how they stress that Banana Republic is offering compensation for their botch-up. So I call Banana Republic and they inform me that they were only compensating people until February 3rd. After talking to two separate underlings and a manager, they basically told me to piss off and I informed them that I would take my business elsewhere. $20 cost them an entire lifetime of patronage. Bad business. Bad customer service. Banana Republic, who the hell elected them? I sure as heck didn't. Should change their name to Banana Fascists.

Same goes for Fandango too, they took no responsibility for their part in the obvious problem. I will not give money to thieves and Banana Fascists and Fascdango both joined the ranks of thieves by scamming thousands of people.

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