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store manager

I recently made a purchase at the store at old bridge new Jersey. I always believed banana republic to be a...

customer service horrible store # 06356 san marcos tx banana republic

Store # 06356, in San Marcos Texas, cashier 1329614 Number the store was in disarray, asked for help and the...

online order refund

A few days ago I placed an online order with Banana Republic with a rush delivery and all seemed fine. The next day nothing arrived and upon checking my account I noticed the order was marked as Cancelled. So like anyone else would I resubmitted the order with assurances it would arrive the next day. Upon placing the order I noticed it was immediately cancelled. I thought perhaps I made a spelling error and went to my account on Scotiabank's website and to my dismay I noticed 800 dollars in Banana Republic charges for the two orders. Upon emailing since calling resulted in literally hours of waiting only to be hung up on I was told I would not be refunded. They gave no reason as for this and so upon many angry emails and calls and being told I would not be refunded I contacted my bank. Banana Republic did not cooperate and so I will wait a month for Scotiabank to investigate. Absolutely disgusting experience after being a loyal customer. This is absolutely fraudulent behavior and I have already returned every single item from this company that I still could. DO NOT shop here and if you do go in store, but even then be wary. I have never had such terrible service, any respectful company would cooperate and help me, yet they did not and instead insulted me and ignored emails. Good bye Banana Republic, I only wish I could use profanity in this review.

  • Ro
    Ronron22 Sep 10, 2018

    I made a return at BA on Sunday of last week. When I make returns at your other locations it normally hit my account within two business days.
    Why is this process still pending? This is really an inconvenience.

    Merchant Credit Hold for Review - BANANAREPUBLIC US 81
    - $31.15

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illegal practices

Banana Republic/GEMB has reported a debt collection that appears on my credit report that I would like removed. I previously wrote a letter disputing the fact that my balance was overdue on 9/26/11. I filed a complaint against Banana Republic/GEMB’s practices with the FTC at the time of debt collection. I found the reporting on my credit on 3/5/12.

Banana Republic/GEMB violated the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act with the actions outlined below.

1.I was not given proper notice of the original debt, nor was I given the amount of time required under the Fair Debt Collections Act to dispute or pay the debt. Calls to collect the “overdue” amount began about five days after the bill was due. I informed Banana Republic/GEMB of their errors both over the phone and in writing. I was told over the phone that the late fee was removed as admission of this error.
2.In investigation of this matter I found out that the late fee was not removed and Banana Republic/GEMB still has it as a collection and has been charging me interest for the past three months. I have never received another bill or any written notice from them that there is an outstanding debt.
3.Banana Republic/GEMB willfully mislead me as to what I owe, lied to me about removing the late fee and has not notified me as required by law that the debt still exists.
4.Banana Republic/GEMB called me between four and five times a day with intent to annoy and harass me. [806(5)]
5.Banana Republic/GEMB continued to call me four to five times a day after full payment and written notification of a wish to cease further oral communication was received by them. [805(c)]

Banana Republic/GEMB violated The Fair Credit Reporting Act with the actions outlined below.

1.Banana Republic/GEMB furnished information relating to a consumer (me) to consumer reporting agencies with reasonable cause to believe that the information is inaccurate. [623(a)(1)]
2.Banana Republic/GEMB reported information knowing that they were notified by the consumer (me), at the address specified by the person for such notices, that specific information is inaccurate. [623(a)(1)]
3.Banana Republic/GEMB did not furnish the information to the consumer reporting agencies with notice that such information is disputed by the consumer. [623(a)(3)]
4.Banana Republic/GEMB has not provided any written notice to me that they were reporting negative information to the consumer reporting agency. [623(a)(7)]

  • Ge
    GECapitalCares Mar 13, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ** To expedite your case, please ensure to provide Reference code DM 031312_cb_S2012**

    We'd like to speak with you and address your concerns. Please email me at [email protected] with the following information:

    - The full name associated with the account
    - Mailing address associated with the account
    - Your contact phone number

    For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.

    GE Capital

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credit card and in store purchase

During my in store purchase at Banana Republic, the cashier persuaded me to get a Banana Card. He convinced me it's a one time deal. Shortly after, I spotted a rather noticeable hole in the cashmere sweater. So, I went to a BR store at another location. Instead of returning it on the card, they claimed that since I took off the tag, the product can only be refunded via an in-store card that will be mailed to me (never heard of this before). Mind you I never wore the item, I had a receipt, and I returned it shortly after the purchase.
About 30 days past, I never received the mailed in-store card, the Banana Card I signed up for, or the billing statement for the card. I called and they said they will mail it again within 10 days.
Now I was issued a late fee for my billing statement, and I still don't even have the card. I had to speak with customer service for over an hour to dispute the late fee and have them reissue the statement to my address. As a result though, I'm not even going to use the card again. I really do hate in-store credit cards. I believe they are just a runaround to make more money, had I not disputed. Thanks BR for your complicated processes.

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no compassion

I purchased a good amount of clothes form Banana Republic right before the big storm. For those of you who aren’t aware there was this very large Hurrican on the East Coast about a month ago where no one was suppose to leave their house for any reason and there was substantial flooding to a lot of places. One of these places just so happen to be my home. Lets just say that the last thing on my mind (as I was attempting to salvage things in my house) was that I did not send back the clothes that had arrived in the mail from Banana Republic. The clothes were not damaged as they were purchased online and in a box. When I did finally get around to sending them back ( I believe I was about a week late), I was informed that they would not be accepted because it was after their return date.
Do these people have no compassion? I clearly explained to them the situation and they said that the policy is the policy. I no longer want to deal with this company whatsoever. I will not be getting a refund or begging them to take my clothes back. I will not be spending hours on the phone and arguing with customer service. I will be posting this on Scamhunter and letting Banana Republic know that I will never ever do business with them again. There is nothing you can do to make this right because you and your policies are just wrong.

  • Wine Is Good May 16, 2016

    They are a business with a stated return policy. Compassion is what you get from someone who loves you, not someone you pay for goods and services. How long exactly did this storm last??

    Returns and exchanges are free when you use our prepaid return shipping label. You have up to 45 days to return items purchased at Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic, items purchased from Athleta may be returned at any time.

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rip off

Banana Republic Rips-off their best Luxe card customers by sending fraudulent notices of one day sales. They offered 40% OFF on June 19, 2010 on full priced items on line to their charge customers.

They have trained their on line customers to believe that Old Navy, Gap, B/R, Piperlime and Athleta are all the same brands as they are linked together. Their advertising stated Banana Republic items on sale but DID NOT SPECIFICALLY mention that their other brands were NOT included in this one day on line sale.

This is fraudulent and deceiving advertising. Assumptions were made to their customers and not specifically spelled out in their post card mailer and emails.

THIS IS A RIP-OFF, SHAME on you Banana Republic advertising.

  • Ex
    exongal Apr 17, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You've got it backwards, sweetheart. There should be NO REASON to include the fact that the other brands are excluded from the sale because they are letting you know what IS on sale! If ON/PL/Athleta/Gap was on sale as well, then THEY WOULD HAVE STATED IT. You need to realize that although they are all run by Gap Inc., each brand is INDEPENDENT from one another, and that includes sales and promotions. That's just common sense that you're clearly lacking. What you're complaining about is comparable to me walking into an Old Navy store, seeing that the store has a 30% off sale, and then FLIPPING OUT at them when I'm told that this sale doesn't extend to the Banana Republic across town. THEY ARE DIFFERENT STORES FOR A REASON, ONLINE OR NOT. Your backwards logic makes you sound like a complete idiot. If you need that all spelled out for you, then I sincerely hope you don't reproduce, because the world already has enough idiots like you.

    2 Votes

credit card fraud department

Someone got my information and used my credit card. I got a call from Banana republic about it and that they wanted me to call them back. I did. My call was clearly transferred to somewhere outside of the United States. They guy was so rude and was talking to me as if he was ready to bite my head off. RUDE RUDE RUDE !! Two things B.R needs to do before giving their business to some vague third party in India, 1- TEACH THEM SOME PHONE ETIQUETTE, 2- GIVE THEM AN ACCENT TRAINING IF YOU SO BADLY WANT US TO BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE IN THE NEXT CITY !
The rep. made it sound as if he was doing me a favor by doing his job. Really ??? They are going to send me a replacement card which is going to take 3 months. But I am going to close the account and not shopping at Banana Republic again.

  • Sh
    Shawn M. Peterson Feb 15, 2019

    This is the worst card i have ever had in my life. Customer service and the fraud department are worthless. I loved br clothes and its all i wear but not anymore. Major fraud to the tune of 32k of false payments and purchases and they were worthless i had to call them to tell them of fraud even though 3 bounced payments from a strange back for about 32k. Horrible customer service. They sent me a new card and closed the old one but then closed the new one due to bounced payments that were not even initiaed by me. I am very worried about my credit because of these idiots

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crazy credit card experience

I got sucked in by a big-discount-today-if-you-get-a-store-card offer, and it went badly right from the...

return policy

I attempted to return dress shirts to a Banana Republic store in Indianapolis, IN within two weeks of purchasing them. The shirts had never been worn and had the original tags on them. The CSR at the store refused to accept the return, saying that the shirts were too wrinkled for him to resell. This was shocking since the shirts had not even been removed once from the bag; the CSR on the original date of sale had crammed them into the bag which resulted in the wrinkling.

In writing to Banana Republic's complaint email, they said my only option was to go to another Banana Republic store and have another manager evaluate the merchandise. Considering that option would mean I would have to drive 150 miles each way, that is not feasible. They have offered no apology and keep repeating their return policy in their responses.

Needless to say, I have canceled my BR Luxe credit card (which means I have purchased a lot of clothing from them in the past) and will never again buy any merchandise from any of their affiliated retailers.

delivery to random neighbour

Banana Republic sent me an email on informing me that my order with them would be delivered using [protected]@Home . Two days after the latest delivery date shown on BR's email I still have no delivery. I called Banana Republic to find that it had in fact been delivered to a "James in Flat 2" THREE DAYS AGO! I'm certainly not James and I live in completely different block to Flat 2! I do not know a James in my block or in any other block and do not recall leaving instructions for my parcel to be left with a neighbour.

Shockingly this is not the first time I have had something intended for me left at a random neighbour's flat. I had absolutely no idea until the lady kindly rang my buzzer the evening of the delivery to give me my parcel. I did not know her at all as she lived in a completely different block and had no access to mine! The behaviour of couriers is lazy, fraudulent and shocking. Why would they 1) leave the parcel with someone else and 2) accept a signature that is clearly not the intended recipient.

I have contacted DHL but am as yet to hear from them. Doubt it. Lazy, fraudulent scums.

terrible experience

I should have kept my Banana Republic Card and never switched over to the Visa card being managed by GE Capital. Nothing but issues and problems, including an inability of their customer service to link or look into the transactions that I had on my previous Banana Card to troubleshoot a double charge. Having the CSR on the opposite end stating "she thinks" this is where that erronious charge must have come from, didn't exactly make me feel confident that the folks on the other end managing my money knew what they were doing.

Dealing with a call center never helps - the CSR's were rude and condescending and when I asked to speak to a manager, they actually refused and told me there was nothing they could do to help find out what the charge was. WOW - talk about lack of customer service. I used to charge all my expenses on this card, but after this experience, no more. NO value to me using this Visa issued by Banana for any other purchases other than Banana Republic purchases - it's really too bad they made me switch from the regular Banana Republic card thinking there'd be value, since it's been nothing but hassle dealing with the credit company in charge. You will get calls at all hours of the day from their credit arm harassing you for payment if you're a few days late. Certainly not pleasant to deal with and has literally turned me off of using this card and charging ANYTHING. When I asked the process to cancle the Visa switch back to a regular card, the CSR said, you'll have to reapply and go thru that process - no thanks.

Banana Republic should be aware that their brand and image of an easy company to deal with is being tarnished by their credit card call center. I used to love shopping for their points and dollars back - now that perk's not even worth it for me since I'd rather avoid dealing with their credit card company.

problems of banana's online payment

Dear All! Reading all previous comments, it seems that I'm at the right website to voice my credit...

very rude & disrespectful employees.

I was at a Banana Republic Factory Outlet Store in Cyress, Texas today and had the worst shopping experience...

poor quality

I am a long time customer and many dollar customer of Banana Republic. I REALLY like their styles in clothing and they fit me will. HOWEVER, the fabric pulled away at the pocket of my THIRD pair of jeans from BR after the second or third time I wore them. Unfortunately for me, I did not wear these jeans too often and the defect was only visible at the 5 month mark since purchase.

The time element for me to run around to the store, then to be told to call the toll-free customer service number for support; where then the toll-free service rep said to go to the store; then at the store to be rejected again for being past the 30 day mark; then call the toll-free again who said "any workmanship issue over any time is replaced;" then go to the store to be told it WASN'T a defect by the store (after an previous subtle acknowledgement that it was indeed)...took a long time!

Wasn't a defect...huh. I am not overweight, the fabric is obviously pulling away on its own while wearing normally (a.k.a. not torn), the label tag strings are still attached, no wear-n-tear, they look nearly new...huh...not a defect.

In the end, I was blown off big time. BR showed zero interest in supporting. The toll-free guy told me to go to other stores until one of them helped me. Nice. I like driving around complaining about jeans, because I have nothing better to do with my life! I just want to quickly buy something from a company that stands behind their work...not one that lets my behind be unwillingly exposed. I don't even care if I get this pair replaced anymore, nor do I want a credit. Keep your scammed dollars BR! I have several jeans and life will go on. But, this pair of jeans was crap. I am angry and insulted at the inference that somehow I'm responsible.

If I could stand in front of the store for days showing every customer my jeans so they could at least be warned and make up their own mind by seeing my pair; that would be a good thing. I probably won't be wearing the defective pair in front of the store, but that would make a great point. It's fine if you purchase poor quality jeans from a major discount store...there are expectations. I paid, what I consider, a higher dollar for the look and quality of these jeans and I expected more. My kids wreak havoc for years in cheap discount store jeans, but these, you can't sit down in for fear of separating the fabric! I am shocked at the support and I'm too busy in life to spend any more time whining about jeans to this blog, but more so to wasting time with a useless dance with Banana Recraplic.

I have a credit card from BR that I will soon cancel. I will take my clothing shopping elsewhere. I am done whining...please heed my advice...If you like the look of BR clothes, buy that look elsewhere unless you are getting a deal! It's your risk...that guarantee is at the mercy of one person's opinion and YOU ARE NOT that person, nor will that person listen to you, because..."That's policy!"

  • Hi
    HimU85 Sep 03, 2009

    I went into one of Banana Republic's many Outlet Stores, hoping to find some great clothes at a great price. I found a cute cardigan that could be work for work or play. After the discount is was $16 plus tax, so I was happy to have found what I thought was quality at a great price.

    After one gentle cycle wash, the cardigan had a hole in the back right next to the tag. I called customer service told me to bring it to the store where I bought it. The apparently unintrested sales girl at the store put me on hold for 5 min. So I hung up and figured, I should let others know what they should expect.

    So, there is no way to talk to a representative whose job is to ensure the quality of the merchandise? The people who work in the store should not be dealing with this. This is clearly a quality issue.

    If the clothes at the outlet will fall apart after 1 wash, isn't it unethical to sell them at all? I thought I was getting a great deal, next time I will go to Target and get a cardigan for $14.99, none of the clothes I have bought from there have fallen apart.

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the most messy &banana& store around

Every time I stop by at this location is always mess in sale section. HUUUUge mess. Clothes on floor, wrong sizing, different style hangers on same items, etc, etc, etc. It is not just discusting, it is simply not safe. Once, very nice and professionally looking sale support associate apologized for the mess, tried to pick up some clothes from the floor same time helping me to find a jacket, but was called to somewhere else. Seems like, even sales people feel sorry, but no managers.

The managers, who are responsible for merchandise presentation in this store, should do a better job. This is not an organized store. Comparable to other BR stores around, particularly dowtown location, Bellevue store is much worse.

Just wondering who is hiring unprofessional and not detail-oriented managers?

  • Jj
    JJ abums Oct 06, 2011

    Well, maybe you should talk to your fellow customers who leave those clothes on the floor, and give the managers who work for almost nothing a break.

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lowering credit card limit

Banana Republic cut my credit limit from 2900 to 200. I can no longer buy anyting there. I have good...

2 for the movies tickets

So my girlfriend and I were in Banana Republic and we intentionally bought enough ($75 dollars worth I believe) to where we received the "complimentary" movie tickets through Fandango. On the 30th of January (the day before they expired) we tried to use the ticket code on Fandango, only to be informed that it had already been used. On the ticket it says to contact Fandango if there are any issues. So I sent Fandango an email and we went to the movies anyway.

Fast Forward to February 9th when I receive this email:

"Thank you for your email and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by our delay in responding to your question.

Recently we have experienced a significantly higher call volume than usual. Due to this unpredictable increase in phone contacts we have been unable to get to your email sooner.

Unfortunately, you received a duplicated code. When Banana Republic purchased the codes from Fandango, they chose to have them printed on physical cards rather than distribute them by email. The company that printed the cards for Banana Republic double printed a batch of about 1, 000 cards.

When a company buys codes from Fandango, the purchasing company becomes solely responsible for the codes and their restrictions. Because of this, Fandango is unable to directly assist you.

Banana Republic is aware of this issue and has provided us with a phone number to direct their customers to so that they may offer compensation for the inconvenience. Please contact Banana Republic customer support at [protected]. All of the supervisors at Banana Republic are aware of this issue and are equipped to assist you; if you speak to an associate who is unaware of this issue, please ask for a supervisor.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

NOTE: Please do not click the reply button. Emails sent to this address are not read."

The brilliant thing about this email, which I received on the 9th, is how they stress that Banana Republic is offering compensation for their botch-up. So I call Banana Republic and they inform me that they were only compensating people until February 3rd. After talking to two separate underlings and a manager, they basically told me to piss off and I informed them that I would take my business elsewhere. $20 cost them an entire lifetime of patronage. Bad business. Bad customer service. Banana Republic, who the hell elected them? I sure as heck didn't. Should change their name to Banana Fascists.

Same goes for Fandango too, they took no responsibility for their part in the obvious problem. I will not give money to thieves and Banana Fascists and Fascdango both joined the ranks of thieves by scamming thousands of people.

don't buy gifts there

I cannot believe how awful this company is. I purchased a sports jacket for my father at Christmas at full price which unfortunately did not fit him. He lives outside of Toronto and not close to a store location and my grandmother has been in the hospital for the past month so he did not have time to get into the store to exchange it. Upon trying to exchange the item he was told that the gift receipt “expired” on January 15th and that he couldn’t even get a STORE CREDIT for the full price paid. They said they were more than happy to give him a credit for the current sale price (which was $89, and I paid $270). I drove out to get the jacket and tried to take it back with the original receipt (which actually makes no statement about exchanges ONLY that full refund in 30 days or less) and was told that he should have shipped that jacket to the store in between driving to see his sick mother. NICE STORE, will never go back.

chestnut hill, ma br store

My 19 yr. old daughter went to this store to return a gift received for Xmas from her grandfather. The gift...

1 comment Chestnut Hill Employees