Bahamas Breeze / manager poor behavior; rude, disrespectful

Deltona, FL, United States
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Thursday June 15th 12 noon, International Drive, OrlandoFL. First our team works by the BB on International Dr Orlando FL. We love to go to lunch there especially for the Key Lime pie. Sometimes we run over at 4p for coffee and pie. (We work till 10p at times). Myself and a colleague were retiring. The VP of district asked us where did we want lunch for the team, of course our favorite.
We were a party of nine. The manager showed us section with 2 round tables of 5. We told him we wanted to be together. He stated, "I am short with no one for this section. I am pulling someone to wait on you". Our Director asked if we could fold table end and push together? He replied, " sure, go ahead". So we folded two section, pushed the tables together and then sat down. Our director asked to speak with manager and he replied, "I am the manager!" Our server was fantastic, the lunch was great and of course the deserts were delicious. However, it was to be a happy day with Edye and I retiring company due to positions being eliminated, So as you can read our celebration lunch did not start out with the best of communication welcome by manager. This is a big disappointment due to the fact if friends come to visit, BB is the place we go, now not so sure. There are so many restaurants we have not tried on I-Drive. I truly cannot believe as a manager and leader of employees he could be so rude. Highly disappointed in BB visit.
Paula Berry-Zeller

Jun 18, 2017

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