Badoo Tradinghotornot. why hot or not is taking 4€ from me every three days?

First, sorry my bad english. English is not my first language.
Today i noticed that hotornot has taking my money even tho i have canceled premium.
I rarely even use it and i have not bought or used any credit. I have lost over 200€ because of this. For real i need that money back if it is possible.
I added some photos as proof

I tried to contact hotornot staff earlier but i signed up with my phonenumber so i dont now where the response message will pop up.

Badoo Trading
Badoo Trading
Badoo Trading
Badoo Trading

  • Updated by Hihopes, Nov 25, 2018

    Update. I bougth 6 month premium last summer. I payed the whole thing then.

Nov 25, 2018

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